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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


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Character Portrait: Icarus Saerin Character Portrait: Lawrence Rivers Character Portrait: Derithiue Qre Jedas Character Portrait: Isengrim Lupul Character Portrait: Zherynnia Analorum Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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Isengrim waited for Icarus to use the aurum crystal to heal Lawrence before continuing their conversation. "Yeah, this is a bit of a departure for me," he agreed, thoughtfully rubbing the stubble on his chin. "I've been kicking around Allevent for a while now, and I've done just about everything under sun. Mostly soldiering or caithness hunting. Even spent some time doing survey work for the Orienteers, as a lark. This is nice though," he added, referring to the piecemeal work for the Applicators. "Dr. Serabel says the mission is important, which is a welcome change from the piddly-shit jobs I usually take. Be nice to think that after all this time I'm finally going to do something worthwhile..."

He trailed off as the book-eater approached -- watched her converse in her frantic way with Raruna. "So," he continued, turning back to regard Icarus, "it seems that our captain thinks the skies are safe for now." He nodded toward the cabin, where Raruna had disappeared to. "But just in case I think we ought to keep at least one of the seasoned fighters on deck at all times. You, me or Jedas..." he paused, turning to eye Lawrence briefly. "Possibly the girl," he added, noting how quick she'd been with that gun of hers during the fight. "Would you mind sticking around up here a bit?" With that he dropped a heavy hand on the lad's shoulder plate in farewell before making his way below deck.

As this wasn't to be a long trip in air, Isengrim hadn't bothered seeking out any kind of living quarters, and instead had stashed his gear in a small supply closet where it had seemed unlikely to get in the way of anything important. He made his way there just to double check on things, before heading for the engine room. Along the way his shoulders practically touched either side of the corridor, and he continually had to stoop beneath rafters or when stepping through a hatch. The engine room was easy to find, especially as he neared he could feel the steady vibrations through the wood, hear the faint, pleasant hum and then see the orange light that warmly bathed the room as he entered.

The hulking northlander circled the engine, careful to keep well away from the artifice's encasement and from the various cables and coils that flowed outward like veins from the heart. The caith crystal even seemed to beat as its glow waxed and waned rhythmically -- the heartbeat of someone sound asleep. After a few moments his idle curiosity was satisfied and he turned to leave. It wasn't often that one saw caith crystals this large or powerful -- one of the dangers being that any degradation could cause it to suddenly release all of its energy in one volatile burst, spawning caithness of size and power not often seen naturally in Allevent. The likelihood was small, especially as Raruna seemed to care for her airship's maintenance.

"So how goes it?" he asked Dr. Serabel as he passed the open hatch to the small quarters she'd been given. The young Applicator looked up from her seat at a small desk mounted to the wall. The locators from Cortland were splayed out before her in various levels of disassembly.

"I don't know," the woman admitted, not looking up from her work. "I had hoped to turn his ploy against him somehow -- change the locators' frequency to create a theta wave interference pattern--" (Isengrim zoned out for the next few sentences of the Applicator's jargon) -- "but the particulars of these artifices elude me. I don't see how they function as locators at all, to be honest." In an uncharacteristic fit of emotion she threw one of the devices against the far wall of the room, where it no doubt disappointed her by remaining in one piece.

"Oh well, as long as you're sure they're not tracking us," he replied, to which she nodded dismissively. "May as well toss them, then," he advised before making his way back up toward the deck. Everything seemed to be fine, but his eyes scanned the skies anyway as he walked it perimeter, careful to keep within reach of the railing or rigging at all times. His other hand rested idly on the head of the axe at his belt, gloved finger tracing the sleek curve of steel. "You lot seeing that!?" he called out to the others on deck, pointing windward of the vessel, where in the distance another airship could be seen as little more than a dot against the blue of sky. It was driving hard against the wind, seemingly riding on orange sunbeams as its stannum crystals were running on full burn -- a sure sign that the vessel fled from some danger, and its path was leading due south for their own ship, on its stable course north.

"Wonder what's the matter," he muttered to himself or anyone who'd gathered nearby. At this distance it was nearly impossible to judge size or speed of the approaching craft, but he guessed that it was relatively small as only a fool would run a large vessel's stannum on full burn even in an emergency, as the negligible acceleration wasn't worth the significant degradation of the crystal. The pioneers of air travel had learned that the hard way some decades back, as the largest vessels virtually all went down in flames after accidentally summoning caithness of truly monstrous proportions during tests with full burn.