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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


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A pat on the shoulder was enough for him to finally conclude the truth of his current appearance. He did not look at the one who did the gesture but its meaning and sentiment was enough to make him hurl even more as he was demonstrating at this very moment. It was the word that befitting his situation and demeanor flashed brightly in neon lights in his thick skull called a brain. In short terms, he looks so very...


This is a death sentence for the One-Eyed Grim Reaper. His frightening reputation was now going to be ruined because of this clobber of wood flying in the air. This was probably one of the many reasons he hated advancement or technology at all. Men should just stay to the land where they were born and never yearned for something so unreachable much like the skies. They always do the impossible things for their own pleasure and not caring for the others getting stuck in between. How truly sickening. Actually, this reminds him of someone in particular. Oh... that is just like him. Well, scratch that thought. There is nothing wrong in doing what he pleases. After all, this is his life and all. The result, there is nothing wrong in what he does.

In any case, it was good to know that the flying caithness had finally stopped their attack on them. He had enough troubles already. In addition, he was quite busy with the main problem at hand which was his meal coming out of his mouth whether he liked it or not. Because of it as well, he was not able to hear the minor discussion with his other fellow mission contractors or the fact that the so-called captain had already left the deck and went to the cabins. He managed to stabilize himself as the ship was now flying smoothly that it did not disrupt his equilibrium. The shaking has ceased as well. Standing upright, he spoke in irritation. "If you're going to fly this thing, fly it properly." It was directed to the female captain but she was no where in sight.

After stating that actually, the ship was rocked with another strong draft of wind.Thus, it made the ship rattle and made Jedas queasy once more. The result he held strongly at the balustrade as if it was a precious lifeline and spewed everything that he could from his mouth without care. This is definitely the last time he would ever ride one of these weird contraptions. This pattern continued on as he looked very dejected in his current state. However, in the horizon he managed to catch a glimpse of something approaching him or the right word was the rickety ride he was in. It was then he heard someone yelling about seeing that or something. He sarcastically retorted. After all, the grim reaper was in not the best of moods judging by his condition as of now.

"I'm not blind." He did not care if it strike a nerve or something. One eye might be the only source of his vision at the moment however, he is not invalid due to it. Further, such statement is discriminatory, By that, this is against the law. And what he mean by the law is something that he had concocted at the back of his mind while drinking his heart out at one of the pubs that he later destroyed due to being cheated in his tab. When actually, he was not the best counter of all times. Getting back on the topic, he narrowed his one good eye and noticed it to be a ship and not a caithness. However to dodge the said ship from colliding with theirs, the captain performed a maneuver that trigger his airsickness once more.

When this was done, Jedas fell to his knees by the sudden turn of the helm. His hand gripped on a nearby column and his other hand covered his mouth instantaneously. For he could feel the bile traveling upwards his throat and wanted to exit through his mouth. Once, he regained his momentum to stand. He did so and quickly vomited his accumulated bile to down the bucket which is open skies. Furthermore, irritation could be clearly seen in his eye especially when he heard the female captain speaking about finding about something. Oh, he will definitely fine something to shut the girl up for good. Due to this, the good deed of making breakfast was cancelled and the girl propelled to second place in his list of Hate then Kill. Gaining a sense of equilibrium, he glared at the direction of the captain. "I'll kill you a sorry excuse for a captain."

However, the threat lost its charm as the ship shook once more. This made him once more prone to his airsickness and vomited his what could be left of his meal down the hatchet. In any case, the one taking the first spot on his list was none other than the airship that was about to collide with theirs. The One-Eyed Grim Reaper did not care for any reasons why the ship was out of course or somehow having what they call it burning or whatever. All that matters to him is that this thing wanted to knock him out of the air. He hated airships and this only strengthened it. So, he decided this ship will be destroyed and if not burned down. Oh, he will do it personally by his mere hands. "You're going down you piece of wood."