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located in Seikleja Guild Hall, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Seikleja Guild Hall

The Sieklega Guildhall isn't as impressive as other places, it has a large silver frame set in the center back of the hall, inscribed with runes that gives anyone who approaches it a feeling of vertigo. A large table in the right corner with dozens of hand-drawn maps, from familiar ones to the locals and strange alien locales from other dimensions, the left has a large room filled with comfortable bunk beds, behind that is a room guarded with a small vault door. Another door leads to an armory with a forge and grinder. Finally the frame has a section above it that intersects with a small patch of stained glass roofing with a smaller section of levitating rings that filter sunlight into the portal itself, and in front of the portal are small sections of flooring that are designed to pop up if the portal ever brings something horrid into the world of Gaia.


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Character Portrait: Drahn Bord'el
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Drahn smiled. Thales of heroism, a good drafted ale and a full inn. He would enjoy this night.