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located in New York, a part of The Millionaire Matchmaker., one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Walker McMullin
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Walker woke up in his and Arietty's hotel room to a knocking on the door. Yawning and stretching as he walked to the door, he opened it to a man with a pistol trained on his heart. Without even blinking in surprise, he pulled Vera out of her holster(Yes, he slept with it on) and fired her down the barrel of the other man gun, causing it to shatter in his hands.
"Run, and MAYBE I'll let you live." He said, his now golden eyes' piercing gaze adding to whatever fear the man already had of him. Needless to say, the failed assassin didn't need to be told twice, running past an elderly looking man in a suit, who walked up to Walker and handed him a letter.
"Message for you, sir." the butler said, bowing to Walker, whose eyes had reverted to their usual color and was putting Vera back in her holster.
"Thanks, Alexei. Wife treating you well?" Walker responded, tearing the letter open and scanning it, it was his damned parents, saying how "happy" they were that he was going to their attempts at getting him married. {Those two wouldn't know happy if it crawled up their asses and died.} Alexei laughed a little at the master's question, glad not ALL people he was being employed by were the stereotypical rich bastards he was used to.
"Well, if she was any more demanding than she is now, I'm sure I'd have to start asking double my fee!" He said with a smile, more jokingly than actually grubbing for money. Walker's answer was the same regardless.
"You know what? If I end up married and the McMullin fortune comes my way, you can HAVE it." Alexei's eyes popped out of their sockets. The McMullins weren't exactly the poorest of the lot, with rumors going around that Lowell McMullin could literally swim in his money in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
"You surely jest, sir!" Alexei gasped, astounded that someone could even joke about something like that.
"Nope. I already make more than Arietty and I will ever need in a year, and thanks to what little my dad actually DID teach me, I have enough set up in banks to keep me going for a few decades. Besides, once I'm married, I'll be stuck with another millionaire, who preferably isn't a money leech. We'll be able to take care of ourselves. And do I look like someone who wants more than he needs?" Walker asked, without even needing Alexei's response to confirm the obvious. Arietty walked out beside him, signing to ask if everything was all right. Walker signed back that everything was fine, and she should go get ready for the event today. Arietty bounced a little and ran off to her suitcase to get ready, picking out an orange pair of pants and a purple shirt with Hello Kitty on the bottom left corner. Walker thanked Alexei again for his time, and sent him off on his way. Walker had hired Alexei, an informant, butler, cook, and old friend of Zagine's, as both a favor and a way to keep as much distance between him and his parents as possible. His thoughts were interrupted by Arietty jumping in front of him to sign.
{Daddy? Are you going to get dressed?} Walker then realized he was still wearing his suitjamas(Because EVERY man should be classy and comfortable at all hours of the day!), and laughed, signing a quick thanks to Arietty before getting dressed himself, throwing on a pair of dark colored jeans that were tight, but loose enough to move around in, and a light blue dress shirt. Finally, he strapped Vera to his leg and opened the door for Arietty, who had also decided to bring her turtle shell backpack.
{Well, let's go!} he signed, and the two walked off to the car, ready to get this mixer on.