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located in Tearmainn for the Mad, a part of This Animal I Have Become, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tearmainn for the Mad



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Character Portrait: Damian Mason Character Portrait: Rosie Clark Character Portrait: Tristan Kenin Character Portrait: Sonya Asano Character Portrait: Logan Veltar
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"Good, well have a good evening." In turn for the apology, it was nice to see he had forgave her. A grin formed over her mouth by his words, thinking them to be completely sincere. Just as she was about to retreat to the door something, or should she say someone rather stopped her. Seeing the same woman from before approach her in leisure. With inquisitive concept, Sonya inclined her head to the side while her eyes settled on the friendly looking woman. It was obvious that she was not a patient although she wouldn't mind being able to wear pajamas comfortably all day long. Because she had not read all of the files, Kelly's disorder still remained unbeknownst to her. Sonya ran a steady hand through her onyx tresses and smiled at her.

"Hi, Kelly... You'd be right in saying that I'm not a patient but a doctor. I'm Sonya Asano, it's nice to meet you Kelly." Reaching out her pale hand in acquaintance, the moment their hands came into contact a sharp pain generated near the carpus of her arm. By the sliding of her hand into Kelly's forced the metal object to tear into her flesh. An unpleasant sensation incepted, causing her to behold the locality of discomfort. That was when she saw and felt the warmth from the thick crimson liquid trickle from the slit near her ulnar vein. Immediately, her vivid cerulean eyes wandered over to Damian before traveling back to Kelly. Why? Why would she? Was it an accident? Or could she have known? Sonya held her arm in such a delicate way, glancing down to check if the wound was actually there.

Nearby, the nurse from earlier who pulled Damian away watched the scene unfold. She didn't think anything of it when both women shook hands until the sight of blood extricated from the doctor. Her beady eyes tumbled among the three, especially Damian before she hurried over to the rendezvous spot. Upon arriving, another nurse also visioned the young doctor cradling her arm. The larger nurse, known as Athena took a hold of Kelly's arm, slightly putting a bit of pressure on it. With her free hand, Athena searched her's, hoping to find the makeshift knife. "Okay, give it to me.... we don't want anyone else getting hurt. Now would we, Rosie." The nursed remarked, not minding if she had fostered the wrong name.

The other nurse went to investigate Sonya's wound in the premise of bandaging it up. "I should take care of this."

"No... I'm fine." She said, no longer having the desire to be in the rec. room furthermore. So she pulled her arm out of the grasp from the nurse. Vivid cyan hues engaged in a keen stare down with the petite woman (Kelly) standing in front of her before turning on her heels and returning to her office, not caring that she bumped into the man blocking the door. The whole time she couldn't help but think how close that cut had been to her ulnar artery which could have resulted in serious injury. But Sonya couldn't figure out why the woman would want to harm her. Other than her being completely demented. And obviously wasn't prime to expose it to Damian, concerning his hematolagnia. But did she know that?

Taking a seat at her desk, she grabbed a few Kleenexes' and applied them to the small gash. Sonya shook her head indiscriminately at her own aberrant behavior -- why would she think it was ever safe to interact with patients outside of the office? Yet it was hardly her fault for just being friendly.