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located in The Nightwing, a part of The Nightwing's Voyage, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Nightwing



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Maria seemed to be having fun, preforming to a very small audience, Rokunam thought, at least if his speech pattern was normal. Though, it didn't seem like anyone was giving her much interest, but nonetheless, it seemed she was entertaining somebody, as she continued on. Much of it was small scale illusionry stuff, of which Rokunam had to admit, he couldn't figure them out himself, without looking into where she learned them in the first place. However, it seemed as if everybody was ready to 'call it a day', even energetic Maria was yawning. Though, Exburnans like Rokunam were good at conserving their energy, and because Rokunam hadn't discharged once, he could go for a couple more hours. Though, there was a disturbance that both aliens could feel.

"Argh, dunno if it's cuz I'm tired," Maria said, "But I'm itchy all t'be heck, ze." She kept scratching herself all over with no regard for who was watching. Her face was becoming flushed as well, and not just because she was tired. Rokunam was feeling something too, of the opposite effect, but it may have simply been the ship passing by a star or something. "Before the Caroline-Marie rests," Rokunam said, standing up, "She must clean up the dining hall." "But why~, ze~?!" Maria complained, with a yawn, "I'm really damn tired, swear I'm gunna fall asleep in this here kitchen o' whatever. I dun care where I do it."

Rokunam already turned for the door. It was typical for Genkshis to be the ones who have to clean, among other things. However, it wasn't that Rokunam disliked their kind, far from it. He didn't even mind her disrespectfulness and the annoying hiccup of a voice she had, with that horrendous twang and stupid sounding sentance ender. No, it wasn't any of that, but it was simply her mind. Rokunam did know who this girl was, the younger her, and she litterally reminded him of a person and time in her past of which he did not want to look back upon. It was one thing for others to mention it, but another to be reminded of it himself.

Rokunam turned. "Does the Caroline-Marie-" he didn't finish his sentance to see the Genkshi right at his two hoofed feat, totally passed out. At first, Rokunam was wondering if she was serious when she claimed she'd fall asleep anywhere, it wouldn't be awkward for her if she actualy did anyway, Rokunam was actually somewhat worried that she may have slept in a bed. However, her normally pale skin was completely flushed in a pinkish-red, as if she'd fallen asleep on the moon of Vega without UV protection fluid (or room service). Rokunam crouched over her and placed his hand over her forehead. She was the moon of Vega. Though, Rokunam himself wasn't feeling too hot, as his skin breathed to keep itself cooler without the secretions of body fluids, so he didn't electrocute himself.

But enough about alien sweat, because the point that needs to be made is that Rokunam was rather unsure of what was going on or what he should have been doing.