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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Icarus Saerin Character Portrait: Isengrim Lupul Character Portrait: Zherynnia Analorum Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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Her gaze shot to Icarus who had offered to give them a chance to speak to the other vessel. The air before him had swirled into a bubble like thing and magnified the vessel in the distance. She couldn't see clearly where she was at the helm of her ship. Grim walked over to Icarus then, though, and peered through the shifted air and then told him to open that communication with the other ship.

"Hailing southbound vessel! Ahoy, southbound!" Grim called out. Raruna didn't mind his taking that portion for himself. She highly doubted that anyone was going to answer them.

"Any visual on the deck?"

Runa simply shook her head in response, she couldn't see anything from where she was stationed and doubted that she could see any better were she to look through the magnifying wind tunnel.

"Raruna! I want to intercept that craft - can you bring us around? We've got to get aboard and disable that stannum engine before critical degradation,"

The sky pirate grinned at the man, "I thought you would never ask! Of course I can do that! My ship may be small, but I've enough power to catch that lump of metal," she boasted once more. Her eyes were wild again and her heart pounded hard in her chest. The adrenaline rush was what she was looking for. It was a kind of hi for her, putting her in an elevated state of being that she loved to be in, probably a little bit too much for her own health, but who cared about that? Adjusting her hat, she reached out and began working the levers to get ready to swing them around. Working the levers, she dragged the starboard side down and the ship tilted again, with the wheel she directed her vessel into a large half circle that turned them around. She readjusted the levers and pushed them forward again, giving the crystals power.

"You, you and... you, you'll be the ones to go aboard," Grim announced, pointing to Icarus, Zherynnia and then Raruna. Runa grinned in response to that and prepared to power her vessel to keep up with the other. If she did it too soon she would out run the other, too late and she would lose their target ship.

Her gaze kept looking behind her to keep track of where the other vessel was and when she was sure that it was in range, Runa pushed the levers forward all the way. The caith crystals hummed louder than before and her stern shook. Running full burn was something she rarely did, however, Runa knew her ship could handle it. Besides, she didn't plan to keep her vessel like that the entire time they were on the other ship. She would attack the anchors to the other air ship and pull back on the full burn, allowing the larger ship to carry her smaller one with it. In a matter of seconds the second ship was next to them, her vessel humming along near the bow of the ship to avoid the wings that jutted out from the vessels sides, it was just as Runa had planned and she locked her wheel to keep it steady.

Rushing down to her deck she picked up the tied down ropes with anchors on the ends. There were six of them, "Throw them!" She yelled the order out to anyone that could hear her and would help. She twirled the one in her hands with practiced ease and let it fly out across the distance. Her line hooked and she tied it off on her ship. Runa moved to the next and repeated the process. Once all six anchors were attached to the other ship, Runa lifted a small hatch on the side of the ship and dragged out a long plank. Lifting one end of it, she slipped it between the slot where it was supposed to go and pushed it out over to the other ship. Her plank locked on her end to keep it from sliding out completely and dropped down just a few inches over the edge of the vessel beside them. Quickly, she returned to the helm and pulled the propelling levers down just enough to stop their full burn and then leapt down the stairs back on deck.

Drawing her sword she tossed herself up onto the plank. Her ship shuddered slightly as the other one began dragging hers along with it. The ropes angled slightly and her plank did the same. Looking back she glowered at her sails that were still down, with a flick of her sword she called out over her deck, "Someone fold the sails! We're against the wind!" Then she turned and faced the other vessel, "Prepare to be boarded," she muttered to herself as she could see no one was on the deck of the other ship. Runa quickly moved across the plank and dropped down on the other deck. Her eyes flicked back and forth to try to see if anyone was on board that she might have missed the first time. Only an eerie silence met her. Runa narrowed her eyes as her fingers tightened around her sword. She didn't like the feeling she was getting.

"Such a large ship... and no one to fly it? How the hell does that work? Who in their right mind leaves it on full burn as well?" She said, mostly to herself. Runa started making her way to the back of the ship where the caithness was that powered the ship. Unlike her vessel, the power crystal was up on deck, right behind the captains quarters and wheel of the ship. Runa frowned as she took the stairs two at a time to get up above. The caith didn't look like it belonged to the ship it was powering and that made her suspicious. Eitherway, she was going to have to disable it somehow, preferably before it blew up in her face of course.

Sheathing her sword, Runa was entirely focused on the glowing contraption before her. Her eyes wandered around the tubes and wires that curled along the enormous box that held the giant crystal in its core. The crystal was glowing bright orange, almost red from it's continuous burn. The sky pirate rounded the entire thing twice before she got a general idea on where things were hooked up to and where the power was going. Rubbing her hands together she dropped down to her knees and leaned forward, "Well, lets get started shall we? Can't have you destroying my ship now can we?"