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located in New York, a part of The Millionaire Matchmaker., one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Neslon smiled and glanced at Kaylee. Then all of the sudden, nervousness came across him. He began to start his nervous habits, which included clearing his throat, and looking around his surroundings vigorously. Why was he feeling this way? Was this the nervousness that was supposed to happen in the beginning of when he met Kaylee, that all of the sudden decided to over flow him at the last moment? Nelson's heart raced. This was awful. He started to clear his throat, and that was when he knew that there was an issue.
"Excuse me," he whispered over to Kaylee, with a sigh. He was frustrated with his body for doing this, at the most anticipated moment of his life. He'd walked off moments before Clara announced their match together, and walked inside of the gentleman's room. He passed the urinals, and turned into the mirror. He stared at himself, then slid his palm down his face. Get yourself together, Alexander, he thought to himself. Alexander was his middle name, which he responded to more frequently than his first name.

He sighed and dropped his head. He figured some cold water would wake him up. He cupped his palms and splashed a little cold water on his face. He wiped his face with his hand. The bathroom clerk offered him a paper towel, and he gladly accepted. "Thank man," He said, wiping his face.
"Your welcome, sir." The familiar voice responded. He looked over his shoulder, and it was the same clerk from the bar table. Was he working a double shift or something?
"She's a keeper, huh?" The clerk asked, attending the bathroom towels and soaps, organizing them back in order.
"Yes, I'm hoping so." Nelson said, checking his face in the mirror.
"I see," The clerk attendant had said. "You sound uncertain."
Nelson paused, and turned around to the man. "Why do you say that?"
"Your response. Your tone. It's all in there."
"I'm certain. I may even love this woman, I-"
"may?" The clerk responded, lifting an eyebrow. Nelson sighed in frustration.
"Look, sir, I appreciate you stating your opinion but no thank yo-"
"May - the expression of possibility."
Nelson rolled his eyes. "I know what may means, oka-"
"Then there is uncertainty, isn't there?" The man challenged. "I didn't study psychology for five a years for nothing, sir." The clerk said, as he nonchalantly wiped down the sink counters. Nelson swallowed, and said nothing. Was he right? Was the the reason why he had some type of nervous attack?

"So, what's the problem? Why are you having cold feet? She's gorgeous, she's single, your rich, your single,"
Nelson sighed, at his last words. The man slowly turned and looked Nelson in the eyes, and froze. "Your not single?!" The clerk said with a yelling-whisper.
"I am, I am, I know I am," Nelson reassured him. "Its just a bit complicated, okay?"
"Who is she? Have you fallen for her? How long have you known her?"
"I don't love her. I did." Nelson said, turning away from the clerk.
"Ok, so she's out of your life, your out of her's. Do you have feelings for your ex?" The clerk said. Nelson was impressed with his quick and accurate assumptions.
"I, I don't think I have feeling for her,"
"There's those uncertain words again. 'Don't' and 'Think." The man placed a hand on his hip. The way he talked - the taste in his voice - he must have been gay! Nelson then took two steps away from him. "So, you don't know if you still have feelings for her?"
"The thing is, she lives with me." Nelson admitted.
The man's mouth shot open. "You live with your ex?"
"She, she didn't have a place to stay, and I have a spare farmhouse, so I gave her a key, and -"
"No, no, no. No. Kick that girl out, get her her own apartment, something. But living with her? Are you serious?" The man said, nearly ranting.

Nelson shrugged. "I never felt like we'd ever get together. I never wanted to."
"Why?" The clerk asked, listening in as though he was getting in on a piece of gossip.
"She cheated on me." Nelson said, now looking down at the ground.
"My bestfriend."
"Who is your bestfriend?"
The clerk looked dumbfounded, lowering his eyebrows in confusion. Nelson stood back and waited for him to put it all together, since he was doing so well so far. All of the sudden, the clerks eye's slowly lifted with surprise.
"Your ex turned gay?!" His screaming-whispering voice echoed through the bathroom. Nelson shushed him, and sighed. He nodded, hating to bring up the memory.
"Woah. There's a twist!" The man said, cheering around, and clapping his hands. He then leaned in to Nelson, wanting to hear more. "Are they still together? Where's your bestfriend?"
"My ex-bestfriend. She's on vacation."
"So, they both live with you?"
"So, you then forgave your ex? Since your letting her live with you?"
Nelson shrugged. "Yes, I put it all in the past."
"So how come your ex-bestfriend is still your ex-bestfriend?"

That caught Nelson off guard... "Well.."
"Ah. So you haven't." The Clerk pointed, and stood back.
"Well, she knew what she did was wrong so-"
"So your still holding that grudge for her taking away your girlfriend. So you got back at her by allowing your ex to come and live with you." God, this clerk was extremely smart.
"That was the case in the past, but now, I've grown to not care anymore." Nelson shot back, in defense.
The clerk starred at Nelson with a gritty, yet suspicious smile. Nelson awkwardly starred back. The bathroom became silent.
"Then let Miss Milton meet your ex."
"What? Why?"
"That should relieve all of this uncertainty, right?"
"How am I supposed to know?"
"It will. Trust me."
Nelson shook his head. "This is to much.." He said, sighing, and leaning against the counter.
"But not soon. Of course not soon. Just wait for the right time to come, if not, just let it happen naturally." The clerk suggested. He was right.

"I guess...Your right, sir. Thank you." Nelson put his hand out for the man to shake. He gently took his hand, as a female would, and gave it a little shake. "Any time, hon." He then turned back to the counter. "Now go, claim your girl! She's waiting for you!" The clerk said.
Nelson nodded, and confidently walked back outside. Hopefully he wasn't too late with the matching.
He stood to Kaylee's side. "Hey," He said, placing a sincere grin on his face. "Did I miss anything?" He asked.