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located in Vikindol, a part of Vikindol, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kaadon Moltbane
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Kaadon slowly made his way from the harsh north, down to the city of Faafengarden. It may be only morning but in Faafengarden it was warmer then all the time Kaadon had spent in the north! Making his way to the sandstone archway into the city, one of the four guards men eyed him down.

The guard with steel armor, and open faced helm stared, expression blank. I from beneath my hood met gaze with him, he was maybe six and a half feet maybe taller, holding spear and shield. Stopping a yard or so away, as the four stood together in place of a door.
"What do you need from the city of Faafengarden?!" Yelled the guard standing beside the wide eyed one.

"I have come for the Keepers of Arcana!' I replied, holding up small rolled up piece of paper 'They sent for me"

The wide eyed guard put three fingers out from the grip of his spear. Not understanding this I ignored him. The guard next to him, simply shifted away to allow my entrance. The wide eyed guard seeing I had not a clue of his hand sign, relaxed and did the same as the others.
Finally into the city, I looked at the letter, and made reference at the specified time, 'when the first moon teases the sky'
That gave me a lot of time to plunder the great city of Faafengarden. I went to a pub, Giantsmarsh it was called. The Giantsmarsh was small, but it had a full house, leaving me to stand at the corner of the bar. Being in Faafengarden, wine was the only suitable liquid.
"What would ya like?" Said the bartender, a half giant who had to bend slightly.

"Dragons gold, would be nice" The bartender nodded and went to the back to look for a bottle, as I leaned on the counter thinking of the guard and his strange hand jester.