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located in Alfarsi Gallery, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Alfarsi Gallery

A grand ballroom with two chandeliers, where mingling and dancing are top priority. There is, of course, an open bar.


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Character Portrait: Munkustrap Character Portrait: Griddlebone
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Griddlebone stepped through the door from the outside. After easily talking her way, with some wizardy help, as Tugger called it the Jedi Mind Trick, which it partly was. The white feline woman looked about, letting her nose and magical senses take in the room. Aha! There was a scent she recognised! Moving with a determined stride the tall white feline went straight to where the drink mixer stood. And came to face with a certain Silver Tabby. "If Demeter could see you now. She'd have a fit for sure."

Of course Munkustrap did not see her right away and there for did not know that it was Griddlebone that had caused the weird storm that morning. He was too focused on mixing some Screaming Hudsons, {one and one-half ounces of Canadian Whisky, a half-ounce of Drambuie® Scotch Whisky and finally a half-ounce of Lemon Juice} to notice her arrival and nearly dropped the one he was mixing when she spoke. Munkus stared for a moment, Blinking a few times before speaking he finally got his mouth working "Griddlebone ? Is that you ? I mean really you ?" At her nod he sighed. "Great, want a Screaming Hudson ?"

She gave him a look that said 'seriously ?' And got right to the point, "Where's Mistoff ? I know he's here, Demter threatened me like she did to him." She said, giving the Silver Tabby a pointed look.

"And here I was hoping Tanto had gotten a little too much bubbly" Munkus muttered downing one of his own drinks. The only affect the drink had on him was that his wiskers curled into mini dreadlocks and a nervous tick started up in his nose. Mostly because he missed his mouth and the drink was overly fizzy.