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located in Louisville, Kentucky, a part of Shady Oak Stable, one of the many universes on RPG.

Louisville, Kentucky



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Character Portrait: Lexington Jethro Churchill Character Portrait: Ali Cooper Character Portrait: Gwyneth Alexander Crusoe
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“If you don’t mind, that would be lovely,” Lex answered for Eden. Lex had spoken to Ali on more than one occasion about her past. He knew she, too, had a difficult one. But he admired that she didn’t let that alter how she approached her current situation. He wanted to open the doors for his pupils, but he didn’t want to just give it to them. He appreciated those that trained hard for everything they earned, and Ali was certainly one of them. He turned to look at Gwyn, who had clearly finished her caring of Bandit’s morning routine. “Why not,” He said to her, knowing the young girl would listen to him.


She held back the scoff at Ali’s suggestion when Lex answered for her. “It would be my pleasure,” She groaned as she turned about to head over to the recently built barn. She sauntered out of the Old Barn, expecting Ali to be at her side at any second. Oddly enough, the suggestion to go take care of the lesson horses didn’t bother Gwyn much. She did enjoy the company of animals, it was the company of the younger girl she didn’t look forward to having.

Gwyn had never really interacted much with Ali. Sure the girl had given her the boots at the show the previous season, but she acted like that was world changing. Ali just didn’t understand the world wasn’t a loving place, but Gwyn also didn’t know Ali’s back story. She kicked the gravel with despise as the jealousy over the attention Ali received from Lex grew. Gwyn didn’t think Ali was that great of a rider, but apparently Lex saw it right away. Often she tried to respect her trainers, but sometimes she couldn’t help but think Lex was on something for even giving Ali the time of day.