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located in Earth, a part of Puppeteers, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Malecai Knoltes
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"Why can't you just be like all the other teenagers, Malecai?!" His mom yelled at him from on the porch as she blew out smoke from a cigarette. "I mean, I know your father was nuts, but that doesn't excuse you for being such a problem child!" Malecai chuckled as he watched a new episode of Ridiculousness. He wasn't laughing because the show was funny, because the show had never made him even crack a smile since the first aired episode. He was chuckling at his mother. "Get off you ass for once and do something with your life, boy!" He knew under all that frustration and anger was guilt and possibly depression, so he didn't waist his time shooting logical yet hurtful comeback, but even he knew that would be a new low for him. He lounged back and propped his feet up on the coffee table. He popped open his can of Brisk and took a long sip. He sighed as he pondered over his weekend plans.
"Yo, Mal, open the door, dude." A voice yelled as it pounded on the door. Great timing, Spike, Malecai thought as he got up from the couch. He opened the door, and there stood his two closest friends since 5th grade. Spike, and Bren. Spike had the most spikiest green mohawk ever, probably the only one that were as sharp as blades. He has a slim shape, and stringy arms. While Bren, short for Brenda, was His co-partner in crime since Junior High. She chewed on her gum as she starred at Malecai blankly. Spike reached into his pocket, and pulled out a crinkled envelope. He held his hand out for him. IT obviously looked open and read, but it had Malecai's name on it. Malecai took it from his hand. "I guess this is a good bye, Dude." He said as he starred at Malecai. Malecai glanced at him suspiciously as he opened the envelope. For all he knew this could have been a prank of the sort. Malecai read over the envelope, and suddenly let out a chuckle, that grew into a laugh. "Holy crap!" He laughed out loud, as if he just listened to the funniest joke in the world.

As he read more, his smile gleamed more, then dropped. His shoulders lowered. "What the hell?" His eye squinted as he re-read several sentences over and over again. "It came to my mailbox," Spike said, starring at the ground now. "Not sure what that's all about. But by the looks of it, your going to some Scotland Campus." Malecai backed into the house and quickly walked towards the back through the porch door. His mom had just through the cigarette into the grass. "Mom, take a look at this," Malacai said, handing his mother the letter. She looked at him with a slight glare. "What's this?" She asked in a harsh tone. "You remember the thing dad was a part of years ago that you told me about? And you said something about me inheriting it?" Malecai had said, being very unclear, knowing that his friends were listening in in the house. They had not clue about the Puppeteer situation. His mother read over the letter, then took a look at him with open eyes. Her face slowly filled with joy, which slowly began to turn Malecai's stomach.
This is it, son!" She nearly cheered. She jumped up and down, clapping yay, as if she'd just won the lottery of some sort. Malecai looked at her with a slightly open mouth. Was she serious? This was a good thing? Without a word, his mother walked passed him. "Pack your things up, Malecai, we're going to Scotland Campus!" She sung through the house. "Mom? Are you serious? We have to go to this thing?" His mother ignored his question and skipped up the steps. Bren lifted an eyebrow. "So, I haven't seen this side of Carol before," Bren looked over at Malecai. "Is everything okay...?"
"Yeah, everything's fine." Malecai said, running his fingers through his hair as the thought. This Puppeteer thing was finally catching up to him. When it didn't happen on his sixteenth birthday, Malecai was sure that he was in the clear. But apparently he was cold wrong. He crinkled the piece of paper in his back pocket. "G-guys, I'm gonna have to talk to you guys later."
"How soon later?" Spike asked suspisously. He didn't befriend dumb humans. Spike had a sharp mind. "Tomorrow, maybe the day after," Malecai said smoothly. He didn't say anything else as they walked out his home.

Malecai looked at his fingers that had caused so much destruction in his past, and now he was being promoted. He wanted to laugh, but one part made him nervous. He clenched his fists. On top of that, he was going to be paired up with a lover for the rest his life. He pushed all of what he just read to the back of his head, and his mood suddenly went to apathetic again. He was the type of person to numb his thoughts - and feelings in a time like this. He sucked it up and walked into his room and began packing, without any thought on his future or what was in stored for him. Hours later, him and his mother were driving inside her mini van to Scotlan Campus, in his words: The Land of No Return.