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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Icarus Saerin Character Portrait: Zherynnia Analorum Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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Raruna was startled by the shout that filled the air. The woman turned just in time to see Zherynnia lunging for her. At first the sky pirate thought the woman was attacking her because she didn't understand what was shouted from her lips. The girl was surprisingly strong as she slammed into Runa and took them both down onto the floor. Hardly able to figure out what was going on, she blinked twice and realized that the woman on her was already sitting up and drawing her bow.

"Don't touch that!" Zherynnia said in the common tongue. Finally, Runa understood and then looked around the ship as the girl shot off an arrow up into the planks above them. Something moved up there and Raruna was sure she wasn't the only one to see that.

"We need to deactivate the core before we touch the device."

Runa finally got herself moving then, sitting up and scooting herself out from under Zherynnia who had been straddling her whilst looking up into the rafters. The woman kept her bow drawn and the sky pirate was surprised to see the change in demeanor. The girl was a fighter, and a good one at that. Standing, she watched as Icarus moved behind the generator with the caith crystal inside its middle. She wondered what it was he was looking for because she'd not seen anything suspicious around it. Icarus returned to look at her after a moment of searching.

"I think I found something. I am going to check it out. Just bang on the floor to let me know if you need anything, I shouldn't be far. Ill be back soon."

"Wait! Icarus! Don't just go doing random things!" Runa shouted and rushed after him. She barely caught sight of his form disappearing down into a large hole that definitely wasn't there when she was investigating. The floor was seemingly chewed through, the wood splintered and hardly circular. The wires that powered the crystal shuddered and shook and a loud sound from below caused Runa to wince and grind her teeth.

"Damn it!" Turning around she looked back up into the rafters to see if whatever Zherynnia had shot at was still there. The pirate's hand reached down to her waist and took hold of her sword. She had two choices. Stay on the deck and help the book eater, or jump down and see if Icarus was alright. Another, growling sound issued from the hole next to her and Runa glanced down to the dark hole. It was decided then.

"Stay here!" She shouted at the girl with the bow and hoped to whatever Gods there were that the girl would be alright on her own. If they had to find the core to the power then Raruna's best shot was to follow the wires leading below deck and disconnect or destroy whatever it was that was down there. Drawing her sword she turned to the dark hole and eyed it for a moment. A bit of a grin spread across her lips as her eyes flashed with the adrenaline rush that had begun to pick up through her body. Runa jumped into the hole and fell down to the bottom. Her boots hit the floor hard and she let her body roll forward to keep from injuring herself from the long fall.

Wires and cords rattled around as something moved in the darkness before her. Runa stood up slowly and eyed the twitching power cords. Then she noted that the thing that moved the cords was actually quite large and finally it turned to face her and she was met by the most disgusting caithness she'd ever seen. The thing looked like an overgrown rat with glowing eyes and a long sickly looking tail that flipped back and forth, the cause for the wires constant movement.

"Oh you are one ugly ass caithness aren't you," Runa commented then ducked immediately as it whipped it's tail at her, dragging with it several wires that Runa had to dance through to avoid being hit. She couldn't see in the darkness very well so couldn't tell if Icarus was anywhere near by. He must have been because he was the one who had dropped down into the hole first. Runa lunged forward after the tail that had swiped passed her. Her sword slashed, cutting through something hard and she thought that she'd hit her target. A moment later told her this was not so and she had to maneuver quickly around the incoming tail that came whipping back at her in the darkness.

What she'd cut had been wires instead of the tail and she winced inwardly. Not knowing what those wires were connected to could be a big problem, especially if the ship started to lose power somewhere else other than the propelling crystals on the hull of the ship. Runa ducked quickly as the wires came flipping back at her. The one's she'd cut were more wild than the other ones and she felt several cuts along her face and arm as the wires hit her. Raruna whirled around on her heel and faced the large rat that had twisted around to glower at her. Twisting her blade in hand, Runa took a moment before she charged the caithness a second time.

Having been in the darkness long enough, Runa had begun to make out shapes around her and decided that to get where she wanted to be, she would have to pull some acrobatics to get there. Not that she minded at all. Lunging forward, she jumped up onto a box that begun to slide forward from her momentum. As it slide, she jumped off of it to another and then to another that was a bit higher. The boxes that she landed on begun to tilt forward and she let them until she was parallel to the rats face. Pushing off the boxes, she sent them flying backwards while she went forward and swung her blade at the rats face. Her weapon cut across the right side of it's face and it reeled backwards as she hit the floor and rolled again.

At the back of her mind she wondered why the boxes she'd used were empty. Most vessels carried storage, not empty crates. Even so, she didn't really care all that much, it was a minor inconvenience to her and she slid to a stop and prepared herself for another lung forward. As she came back at the caithness, it twisted around in rage and pain, sending it's tail right at her. Runa ducked in time, but had momentarily forgotten about the wires about it's large tail. The heavy bundle of cords hit her and she found herself tangled in a matter of seconds as she came flying across the small expanse. Her sword was lost to her the moment she took the hit and she couldn't make heads or tails of the cords that wrapped around her. There were too many that were connected and wrapped around the damn caithness.

She hit something in mid flight across the room and crashed to the floor. Runa struggled in the wires frantically, hissing in irritation at her carelessness. Even as she pushed and pulled, worked her way through each loop, the rat had begun to move again and her body followed with the cords. The tail was constantly moving and thus, so were the wires. Runa refused to cut more of the wires, considering themselves lucky that her last attack and cutting of the wires hadn't done anything to the power in the ships caith crystals.

"Who... in their right mind... thought this was a good idea!" Runa cursed loudly. She twisted around rolled with the movement of the rat and was beginning to find it even more difficult to get untangled as she was being dragged around. Her thoughts whirled. It was beginning to look like she'd have to cut the wires, that or hope that Icarus was somewhere nearby and could kill the half blind rat that stumbled around. If she cut the wires, she began trying to calculate how much time they would have to get out of the hull and reach the safety of her own ship that would be dragged down. It would be do-able, but she didn't want to put the others on her ship in that kind of situation. Make up your mind Runa! She cursed to herself. Working a hand free, she reached for her knife.