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Snippet #2361028

located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Icarus Saerin Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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Icarus Saerin

When the lights stopped dancing around in Icarus's eyes and he was able to snap out of his daze, he found Runa Jumping onto the crates, trying to get to a higher point to strike the caithness. He tried to call her attention, but only managed a quiet wheeze.He pushed himself off the ground, trying to stand up, but managed to stand for about 2 seconds before stumbling and falling again. He was disoriented, having hit his head alot harder than he expected. He would have to get that examined when they got back. if they got back.

Runa was still fighting the rat, dodging wire-whips and paw swipes that the massive rat caithness tried using to take her down. Icarus shook his head. His best opportunity was now, while it was distracted. He grit his teeth and tried standing a second time. supporting himself on the wall. He walked over to the his sword, but as he bent over to pick up his sword, he heard the loud crash as Runa was sent into the pile of crates. He whirled around, only to find her caught in a net of wires. The rat was slowly approaching her, ready to finish the job.

Icarus held out his palm.

"Captain Runa! Close your eyes!" He shouted. The rat turned to face him, He closed his eyes and suddenly a flash of white light illuminated the room, bright enough to illuminate the veins in his eyelids. The rat was sent off into a frenzy, screeching and pawing wildly, crashing into a pile of crates, and then into a wall. It stumbled and fell towards Icarus, who rallied up a gust of wind that sent the rat crashing to the ceiling, and then another to smash it to the ground. The Rat quickly got to it's feet and stumbled to the empty corner, Icarus attempted to get a shot in, but the rat was still alert enough to whip at him with its tail when he got too close. He took the chance to run over to Runa. He carefully and quickly began untangling her from the wires, only cutting the most time-consuming ones .

"We don't have much time before the rat snaps out of it. And something tells me all this wire cutting wont be good for the generator up there, So we better make quick work of this thing and get back to it." He told her as he worked on the wires. In about half a minute, he got to the last of them, he put his arm around her, cut the last few wires, and her weight fell entirely on him, he gently set her on the floor, examining her quickly. It was hard to see her clearly in the darkness, but she seemed to be fine, other than a few light cuts and bruises. He pulled out the crystal she had given him earlier. " Here is your crystal. I can;t really see well, but if you feel you need it, I can cover you while you heal up." He turned to face the rat, which was now slowly approaching.

He flashed another look at Runa. The damn thing is resilient... and the way it keeps whipping those wires around wont make it easy to get in a shot. I can keep pushing it back with stannum magic, but it wont do much to finish it. There isnt enough sunlight for me to try to burn it away with a lens, and with all these potential conductors here, Lumen magic might backfire and hurt you as well. Summoning vaccuums are hard to maintain, and stannum crystal-spawned caithness are pretty good at living at little to no oxygen levels for an extended period of time... so... Any ideas? He asked. The rat was already half way to them a little closer and it can reach them in one good pounce.