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Snippet #2361118

located in Fairy Tail Guild, a part of Welcome to Fairy Tail, one of the many universes on RPG.

Fairy Tail Guild



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Character Portrait: Layden Character Portrait: Kisara Magestu Character Portrait: Andrea Moneks Character Portrait: Roxie Albernet Character Portrait: Will Arkins Character Portrait: Rosas Zero
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She could feel it to, those watchful eyes that burned into her very being. I wonder how those four are doing a slight frown formed on her face, but disappeared when she took a gulp of her beer. In a matter of seconds she downed both glasses, tapping the bar for another round. The bartender stared at her in shock but complied; when he came back he said three words that peaked her interest “on the house” a grin on his face.

Kisara narrowed her eyes in suspicion; she whistled a short inaudible tune, searching for this person who paid for her drink. But she need not fro that person or who she assumed had paid for her drink sat beside her “so I hear you came here to solve our problems little missy” his voice slurred from so much drink. Kisaras lip curled in disdain and turned to face this drunken fool.

“I am her, what of it do you have something you wish to discuss with me. If not then get out of my face you drunkard” her voice like ice. This raised a holler in her way as the men around her laughed at her words and the man’s face turned red with embarrassment and rage. Standing up the chair fell back and he grabbed the edge of her cloak forcing her against the bar.

“Listen girl and listen well. I don’t know who you think you are but this is our town. We don’t need any fancy mage to fix our problems that you started” his breath stunk badly making Kisara wave her hand in her face. “Whew your breathe smells, next time, before you come up to a woman take some breathe freshener before you talk to them. Now I came see why no woman would want you. And you can’t seriously blame all mages for a single fellows mistake now can you” the man glared at her, mouth open like a fish before suddenly swinging a meaty fist at her head.

Kisara had no problem deflecting his blow with little indifference as to whom it had gotten redirected to. Standing up she tugged at Rosas’s arm “come now I don’t think we’ll find anything useful here” but before the two could even advance they were surrounded by everyone that had been in the tavern drinking.

Sighing Kisara shook her head and then making sure she had physical contact with her partner began to whistle that tune again. Suddenly all the men in the room gasped and blundered about like blind men, trying to figure out where the two mages go. “Come out you cowardly bastards! Enough with your cheap magic!” of course Kisara ignored this and was finally able to get pass the tavern people. “Now that is why I hate drunkards especially ones who have a dislike for mages. Anyway are you alright Rosas sorry for ending our almost supper there” patting him on the head.

Then a feeble voice broke the silence that came while she waited for Rosas’s response. “Um hello there Miss I was watching you two from across the room when that fight broke out. I deeply apologize for how they treated you, if Wilbert hadn’t been drunk he would never have had said those words” bowing to the two of them. Kisara raised a brow unsure as to whether or not this man was a drunk too. Then his eyes widened and he blushed “oh dear sorry I haven’t even introduced myself! I am David, David Whistoker. But the people here just call me Dr. also I was the one who paid for your drinks. I always admire a good drinker who can actually hold their stuff” grinning at her. he was a rather handsome man with a shock of white to the side of his hair though she couldn't fathom why as he was young looking.

“anyway if it’s not too much I doubt you have a place to stay the night so why not stay over at my place it’s just around the corner and don’t worry there isn’t some angry mob that I’m leading you too” he laughed at his poor joke but then looked away embarrassed. “I’ll have to ask my partner about that.” Then turning to Rosas “well Rosas what’s it gonna be? Shall we take the Dr.’s offer or would you prefer to search for a warm bed tonight?”


She looked over at Andrea, she recognized that look in her teammates eyes and never liked it when she was the cause of it. “Yeah of course I have my things” placing her hands on her hips. Then a brief flash of remembrance crossed her face at remembering something “oh wait no I don’t have everything I’ll be right back”

Roxie then ran off towards the kitchen looking for her lunch box. Upon finding it Roxie giggled with glee and began to pack the small thing with small sandwiches and other snacks for the trip. After filling it with as much food as she could Roxie ran back out the kitchen and over to her teammates. But she didn’t stop but instead continued out the door. Roxie did however pause right before closing the door behind her scowling at them “well are you coming or not?” and let the door close behind her while waiting for the others to exit the guild.