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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


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Character Portrait: Icarus Saerin Character Portrait: Zherynnia Analorum Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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Upon the call for her to close her eyes, Raruna dismissed all thoughts of working her knife out from it's sheath against her thigh. Shutting her eyes tightly she waited for a long while before slowly peeling them opened to see what was going on. The sounds of the caithness stumbling around and then lots of crashing told her that it was okay to open her eyes completely. A few seconds later and Icarus was next to her pulling the wires off of her. With all the jostling about, she'd somehow ended hooked up on something and off her feet. How that happened exactly, she wasn't entirely sure but she was glad to have Icarus there to help her out of the precarious situation.

"We don't have much time before the rat snaps out of it. And something tells me all this wire cutting wont be good for the generator up there, So we better make quick work of this thing and get back to it," Icarus said as he worked to free her. Raruna didn't say anything to him as he helped her, she was embarrassed that he was being so kind to her to begin with. This treatment was something she wasn't used to. Instead, she attempted to help him get her out of being tangled and with a few cut wires and a couple more removed, she toppled forward right onto him.

"Sorry," she muttered, but the tall man didn't seem affected by her small size. He set her down gently and then proceeded to look her over in the darkness. She was thankful then for the darkness as his concern for her well being was rather uncomfortable and she blushed furiously in the darkness and looked away, "Hey now, I'm alright. Nothing serious, not like I'm dying," she said to him.

"Here is your crystal. I can;t really see well, but if you feel you need it, I can cover you while you heal up."

Runa took the crystal from him and dropped it in her pouch, she didn't need it and was sure that he probably needed it more than she did. She peered around him as he turned to face the approaching terror. The rat was furious now and had finally gotten its bearings back. The beast was heading straight for them with every intention of ripping them both apart.

The damn thing is resilient... and the way it keeps whipping those wires around wont make it easy to get in a shot. I can keep pushing it back with stannum magic, but it wont do much to finish it. There isnt enough sunlight for me to try to burn it away with a lens, and with all these potential conductors here, Lumen magic might backfire and hurt you as well. Summoning vaccuums are hard to maintain, and stannum crystal-spawned caithness are pretty good at living at little to no oxygen levels for an extended period of time... so... Any ideas?

Again... the worry for her. She was seriously going to be confused for this entire trip if this man kept it up. Raruna didn't know how to handle it. So, she ignored it, well as best she could anyway. It still made her feel awkward and strange... having someone care... or was it just a ploy? Whatever it was, she would figure it out later because right then they had a giant rat that was hell bent on getting revenge.

"Yeah, a couple," Raruna answered with her signature grin plastered upon her face. Stepping forward she drew out a couple of her throwing knives and launched the weapons at the rat that came at them. The weapons hurled through the air and struck their target dead on. In return, the rat reared upwards and screamed in pain. Raruna searched quickly for her sword and when she found it, she turned and swung hard at the lump of wires on the ground. It was the fastest way she was going to be disable the ship and since no one was on it, having it crash in the plains lands below them was a better option then letting it explode and take out her ship as well.

Her blade cut through the wires and it took several seconds for the power to completely shut down. With her ship tethered to the larger one, it gave her approximately ten minutes (more like four minutes) to get on deck and unhook her own vessel. Reaching out she took hold of Icarus' arm and started to pull him towards a staircase that she'd spotted on the other side of the rats writhing form.

"Quickly! We only have a few minutes," she shouted at him as the vessel started to plunge downwards, bow first. In a matter of seconds, getting to the stairwell was faster than actually going up them. Runa let her body slide forward and caught herself against the railing. Before she started upwards, she made sure that Icarus was right there with her. Once they were both on the stairwell, she started pulling herself up onto the deck. Now the hard part. Getting to her ship. It was a matter of using things that could help her keep balance and not slide down to the bow of the vessel and to her death.

Runa glanced around and spotted Zherynnia soon after. Looking to Icarus she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth. Perhaps she could have thought this one through a bit better... "Shit," she cursed. She was going to have to figure a way to get to her ship and then cut the ropes to untie her vessel from the one that was going to explode across the earth below. To make matters worse, they only had a few minutes.