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Ms. Brumfield

Turning to face Melody, a raised brow in her direction. The teacher crossed her arms and chuckled at the young girl’s defiance of teachings. “So you’re going to sit this one out or rather Connor will forfeit. Good enough for me, you’re lucky young lady that he forfeited, had he not you would have had an extra lesson later.” She gave Kieran her answer and she would watch him, knowing him being the trickster he was something bad might come out of it.

“Well since our two first pairs have forfeited their match it those who go next are Alexis and Lila. I hope you two don’t forfeit either so get down from the stands and start your duel” giving the girls an encouraging smile. Ms.Brumfield walked back over to where Jaxon and Kieran stood waiting for her to give the signal to start. She made sure to make eye contact with the both of them and nodded “alright when I give the signal the both of you may start. (This also goes for Alexis and Lila)Also Jaxon Tama may participate but like I said before he cannot help you directly in this fight.” Taking a step back Ms. Brumfield then snapped her fingers, a loud thunderclap echoed throughout the arena signaling to those fighting that they may start.

Ms.Brumfield walked back up to the stadium standing beside Melody and Connor. “Since the both of you forfeited I would like for you to come separately after class today or tomorrow to show me what you can do. This isn’t just a boring old fight, but it is to see how well you do under stress and in a different environment.” Making herself clear on that Ms.Brumfield then walked to te bottom of the stadium keeping watch on both duels.