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Ross was a big man but he was sneaky when he wanted to be. ‘Stupidly quiet for a man your size.’ as the Ops Chief had once put it. And he needed that in order to get to the communications room without catching the attention of any crew members. It had been a few minutes since Joe had informed him that the Illusive Man wished to speak with him. Despite the dangers a new mission would bring Ross could not hope but to be given one. The last couple of months had come and gone without much action to speak of besides relieving the universe of a few pirates. The lack of action had him unnerved, perhaps bored. Which he knew made him less than hospitable to the crew.

He waited a few moments as the computer confirmed his presence and the image of his employer materialized in front of him. He gave a salute. “Sir.”

The Illusive Man sat in his usual chair, in his usual manner, with his usual cigarette. Just... the usual. When he spun around to face him, he was finishing up a drag and then slowly exhaled a stream of smoke before saying, "Commander Ross, how would you like to take a swing at Oracle? I'm sure you've been caught up by now on the reports we have of their activities."

Ross came out of his salute and nodded his head. "A pleasure to, Sir. Got to say, it’s tough to believe they had something running the Alliance that was so big and I never heard a word about it. Then again....I suppose if a clandestine agency was known then they weren’t doing a very good job. What kind of pain are we bringing them?“

The Man smiled, clearly pleased by Ross' sudden interest in the proposal. "Oracle has a hidden research outpost on Luna. They’ve collected multiple Dragon's Teeth that had been left on the Citadel during Sovereign's attack and have begun amassing large amounts of data on Reaper indoctrination processes. Cerberus would greatly benefit from their research."

[Ross was taken aback for a moment at the mention of the Dragons Teeth. "Dragon Teeth sir? You mean those huge spikes that turn people tech zombies? Can't imagine they'd be looking for some way to reverse it. Dead is dead, then there is worse than dead. Those teeth...absolutely in the latter. You had mentioned this to be a swing, Sir, I take it you don't want us to go through the back door?"

"They aren't looking for a way to reverse indoctrination, Commander," The Man corrected. "They're looking for a way to prevent, suppress, or control it. I'm more interested in the control aspect of it."

Ross rubbed his chin and looked down as he thought about the Illusive Man’s bold plan. "Control it. Use the enemies forces against them...could be THE moment of this war. I'll get you that information, Sir. On my life." He said with a nod as he looked up.

The Illusive Man took another drag before dabbing the end of the spent cigarette in the small ashtray on his chair. "I'll be sending Kai Leng along with you. He's my best operative. Our intelligence suggests that Oracle will have an infiltrator of equal skill, that's why I'm mandating that he assist you on this mission."

Ross paused a moment. "I appreciate the assistance, Sir. But I'd like it on record that I believe my crew could handle this on their own. Where will we be picking up Mr. Leng? Also are we on the clock here Sir? Or do we take our time and perhaps let them do a bit more work for us in the research?"

"I'll note your confidence in your team, Ross; but just know that only someone of Leng's caliber will be able to face this particular opponent. Leng will meet you on Luna when you arrive, and yes, you'll need to make haste to the Sol System. I need this mission completed as soon as possible. Your EDI will have more information available on the exact data I need you to collect. Anymore questions, Commander?"

Ross swallowed his pride.


Ross returned the slight bow Noah gave as she exited the Chel’s office. He turned to the doctor as the doors sealed, an amused grin on his face. “Philosophy and the romantic Dr? Are you making a new frien-?”

“Don’t you dare finish that word, Ross.” Interrupted the doctor. “I will never be bloody friends with a…frog.”

Ross raised his hands, “Alright, can’t make you be friends, but she is a shipmate so should and will be treated with that respect.”

“Oh please Ross, I may not have the same military experience as you and everyone else on this ship. But I do know how important it is to keep personal feelings out of the mission.” She sat back and crossed her arms. She had expected Ross to take his seat but when he had not after a few moments she looked up to see that same amused grin on his face. “Oh sit down.” She huffed.

“Yes ma’ am.” Replied Ross with a smile as he settled into the chair. “Not really here for a session though. Don’t have the time.”

Drea’s frustration bled away as she noticed the change in the Commander body language. “New mission?”

Ross nodded his elbows resting on his knees as his hands held his chin, folded as if praying though the Commander was never really a particularly religious man, “Big and loud one, hitting Oracle hard it seems. Should be messy.” After a moment he added, “I’m not under any belief that everyone will be coming home this time.”

Chel frowned a bit, “And you were last time?”

“More so than now, we had a good plan. Good odds. Had tons of advantages that negated their home court one. This time though. Longer odds, the only real advantage we have is surprise and when that wears off we can’t pack up and go till the mission is done. We’re going to have to be stubborn.” A smile broke through the Commanders lips. “Though with this group, I don‘t think stubborn will be a problem.”

Drea put a hand to her chin, “Well you’ve already accepted that but from when you entered the room I could tell you’re still feeling like a cocky prick. A hell of a lot better than you were when you first came to see me Mister Doom and Gloom.”

“I’ve had a good doctor.” Ross smiled.

Drea tried to use the hand on her chin to cover her smile. It wasn’t entirely successful. “Well I’d say in a few more years with this progress you won’t need a doctor anymore. Well you know besides one to stitch you up when you’re being particularly stupid. Wait so if you’re not here for a session and you’re handling the thought of the mission this well. Why did you come by?”

Ross couldn’t help but get a little embarrassed look on his face. “Well I don’t know it’s how I was before too. Before a big mission I made sure to go through every part of the ship. Talk to everyone, see how the mood is.” He shrugged. “Maybe it’s to make sure that if I don’t come back everyone will be saying good shit about me at the wake.” He looked up thoughtfully. “Wonder how many ex-lovers would show up.”

Drea let out an audible moan. “Oh please with your record, not many.”

Ross made a mimic of being shot in the heart. “Doctor please, wounded psyche here.” He stood up from the chair, “Talk to you after Drea.”

“Jen, sorry but, how sure are you of this mission?”

“The intel is good Drea. Very good, right from the inside.”

Drea face turned to concern. “Agent or asset.”

“Does it matter?”

“Well generally, an agent is a person who is a believer. He’s been with the cause from the start. He’s devoted and generally trusted. Well as trusted as you can be in a intelligence agency. An asset meanwhile is generally ‘turned’. They were picked from within the enemies ranks because they knew how to get to him, bribery usually. Can you really trust someone who would turn on their own people once for something like credits?”

Ross smiled a little, though a spark of concern did flicker in his mind. “The intel is good Drea.”

She nodded slowly the concern still slightly on her face but she managed a smile which the commander returned as he walked out, ordering members of the strike team to the briefing room from his Omni-tool.


Sue’s mind was completely at ease as she worked on her precious mantis. The new scope glinted from the top and the Op’s Chief made a note to muss it up a bit. A shiny scope is just a target she would tell herself, but she couldn’t help but admire the new addition to her toy. It took a few moments before she noticed herself being called by the Commander on her Omni-tool. “Sorry sir.”

“I see the upgrades we got from Illum are being well taken care of.” Came an amused voice from her arm.

“Shaddap or I won’t lock down yours and not tell you. See how funny it is with a black eye at target practice.”

“We’ll have plenty of target practice coming up soon Ops Chief. But better make sure to leave that prank in the memory banks less you want someone here to get killed.”

“Mission sir?”

“Getting everyone to the briefing room now.”

“Well I could have done that sir.”

“Oh sure 15 minutes later after you’re done drooling over the new toy.”

“I wasn’t drooling….” She made a quick movement to the corners of her lips just to make sure.

“Uh huh. We’re on the clock here soldier.” Sue was about to cut the call before she heard. “Hey Sue.” She stopped and waited for the Commander to finish. It sounded like he was trying to figure out a way to put his question. “Do you trust intelligence assets?”

“Sir you know I trust every spook we meet about as far as I can throw them. And well look at the size of me. It ain’t far.” She heard a chuckle on the other side of the line.

“See you soon Ops Chief.”

What the hell was that about? She wondered.


Ross was leaning back comfortably on the wall as the last of the group arrived.

“Afternoon everyone, we got ourselves a new primary mission from the big man himself.” He said as he pushed himself off the wall. “I know we’ve all been a little stir crazy here. Only so many pirates to bust before we need a little more. Well we’re going to get it. Oracle is a top secret intelligence agency. You should be getting everything we know about them with your mission briefs. Think of them like us, but without our style.” He smirked as a few chuckles came from all around.

Ross pushed a button on the controls for the table.An image of the Earth’s moon came up. “They have an outpost on Luna, though as you can see, it may as well be a base. Now we need some data. However we’ll be joined on this little venture by a Mr. Leng, some infiltration expert." A murmur of discontent came up over some of the men and others, though not vocal, surely had faces of malcontent. Ross held up his hands to quiet the room. He knew they were a restless as he. "However, the Illusive Man is not looking for some black ops whisper. Leng is in charge of getting the data. We are there for the bang."

"How much of a bang are we talking about here Ross?" Menar grinned.

"The kind that features a Krogan." Ross said, as he saw a grin spread across the Krogan’s face and grinned in return.

"We'll be sure to give Mr. Leng one hell of a distraction." Ross looked over the various faces of his men. "Any questions?"

Seated beside Menar, Noah glanced at the towering Krogan next to her when he grinned at Ross’ answer. “Is it wise to have only one front in this operation, Commander Ross Jensen?” She ignored Menar’s eye roll. “It might be prudent to allow a smaller unit time on ground to provide another door and back up.”

Ross couldn't help but chuckle as did a few of the other men. "Oh don't worry, I'm not in the habit of putting all my eggs in one basket, Ms. Korol. This is just a standard briefing, we'll be coming up with a more precise plan when the The Illusive Man gives us intel on our opposition. However we will be in charge of giving the enemy’s eyes on us, so most likely we'll have two teams. One to cover our exit and another to raise a little hell."

Menar bristled slightly at the few chuckles at Noah's expense. A dark glare silenced most of them. "Stow it you apes." He growled.

Noah spared a glance at Menar before smiling at his protectiveness. Turning her attention back to the Commander, she dipped her chin in acknowledgment. "I see. That is the most intelligent approach." She patted Menar's massive forearm, "I am sure we can fulfill our jobs with superlative fervor."


Ross sighed as his eyes pulled away from the Omni-tool scene and new order. He had to worry about reaching the target first and not getting someone killed in the process. "ETA 7 minutes guys, bad time to call an audible but we've got new orders. We're to find a particular target and give him a very bad day. However we must still keep up the boom to give Leng a way in. We go in like before, the Ops Chief will be in charge of the shuttle party. I trust you all will keep our ride scratch free. Once the front line finds a good place to make their stand Menar will be left in charge. I trust the LT knows how to keep up the fireworks. Mr Leng will need them as will myself and you Noah. I need your stealth to reach our target."

Noah’s large, liquid dark eyes blinked slowly at the new instructions. Her normally polite, curious demeanor had vanished. As Ross and Menar already knew, the will of her ‘soul’ had taken a back seat to the training of her body. The complete change was unnerving to Mensch, however. He’d never seen Noah as focused as she’d become on this mission.

Menar lifted his assault rifle, checking the action calmly and nodded. “They’ll know I’m there. Don’t worry about that, Ross.” His face split into a savage grin. At Ross’ call to have Noah accompany him, Menar’s eyes flicked to Noah’s calm countenance. “And you.” He growled. “Don’t get dead.”

Noah turned her head slowly to meet Menar’s gaze. “I will not rush to meet death, Menar.” She assured him quietly.

Menar snarled and muttered under his breath, "I hate it when you say shit like that."

Noah ignored the rest of the Marines with them and looked to Ross. “Do you have the ID of the person we are to remove?” She asked with a voice completely devoid of feeling.

Ross nodded his head as he moved over to the Drell, while the Ops Cheif began more jawing with the others to keep them loose. "The unlucky winner is a Captain by the name of Jared Knockly. Not sure if he's an Oracle agent, just that he's to be taken down. On our first big boom, the Cerberus asset…. undercover will trigger a tracker so we won't be stumbling around a highly secure Alliance facility playing Where's Waldo."

Ordinarily, the cultural references Ross was so fond of would have prompted a curious look from the Drell. But, not while on mission. Noah nodded at the information and opened a hatch in the Kodiak to extract small breather masks. She stuffed them into her pack. Glancing up, she added handheld lights as well. “It would be best to assume we will be unable to see or breathe if Menar is as effective as normal.” She explained quietly. “I will be taking the advance position?” She said it more as a statement than an actual question.

"Well considering we'll first have to punch our way into the base I'd say the masks are a good idea. Wouldn't expect anyone here to be stupid enough to think they'll be going without their helmets or any period while on the ground." Ross looked up at the door way where a timer was counting down before landing. "The strike from our baby should hit the base 10 seconds before we land." He announced loud enough to break through the chatter. "If Joe is as good as he thinks he is anyways." He muttered to himself before he answered Noah. "Stick with us when we first hit the base. Do your little ghosty trick in the middle of the chaos. Don't be stupid if you come up against something you can't handle alone. I won't be far behind. And if you do cut me a way to the objective do not engage the target yourself. I'll take care of it."

Noah shifted the bag held on her lap that contained her demolitions kit. She kept her eyes shifting between Ross’ face and the floor. Anyone watching her would have equated it to ‘putting on your game face’. In actuality, Noah was silently praying for the safety of her companions. Most especially her friend, Menar.

She listened to Ross’ instructions regarding their portion of the mission. She nodded at each of his points to let him know she understood. She almost smiled when the Commander told her to wait for him as back up if she couldn’t handle something. The Commander was reminding her more of Menar every day. They both took the safety of their men very, very personally.

Ross’ last order to leave the target to him made Noah lift her eyes to the Commander’s face. “That may not be the most efficient manner of completing the mission, Commander Ross Jensen.”

Ross looked at countdown over the door and then looked back at Noah a little surprised by her questioning orders. “20 seconds Noah. We’re on the clock. Get it done.”

Noah blinked. “But.”

Menar interjected "You can debate tactics when you get your own ship, Noah. Now stow it."

The ship rocked harshly as the shuttle pilot cursed. “Fucking Butcher! That was way too close.”

Ops Chief Vasquez was the first to balance herself . “Well you did say for him to cut us a path sir.”

Ross couldn’t help but grin, in truth it was just what he need to get his mind focused. “Helmets on!.” He ordered as he felt the shuttle land. “Get the job done and get everyone home.” He told himself as the door opened and he looked out to utter devastation that he had wrought and this was just the beginning.