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Snippet #2364765

located in Alveron, a part of Requiem for a Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.


Minor Town in the continent


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Character Portrait: Lucian Faust Character Portrait: Akira Hikaati
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He was slightly irritated.

The emotion was a rare one and caused a vague crease in his brows as he progressed towards the small town of Alveron. He was late. He had never been late, at least not intentionally--yet that little side trip to see the Commander had thrown him off-schedule. Absolutely preposterous. He had already anticipated that it would make no difference if he attempted to speed up his pace or not; he wasn't going to make it in time. A few days previously, their group had somehow departed at different paces, Akira having been the first of them to run off first. In some cases, perhaps he would've found this asset almost... useful, but in this situation, it was doing nothing but giving him a headache. He pinched the bridge of his nose and released a sigh as his blank eyes flickered over the scene before him. Why had it been necessary to have his presence there? It had served nothing. He had learned nothing that he couldn't have figured out on his own. Sometimes, he theorized that Treylion had secret intentions to try and find ways to throw him off (even if it was just slightly).

Well, point one in how many millennia? He rolled his eyes; this really wasn't worth his time to be dwelling on. He glanced over his shoulder--hm, still just him. At this rate, they would be one member shy. Still, perhaps it was better this way--it might give him a bit more of an edge in discovering just what had caused the difference this time around. He could not recall one previous instance where he had been grouped with the exorcist, thus this whole situation felt faintly foreign to him. That in itself was an oddity--he didn't like all these curveballs. All these uncertainties. He supposed there was nothing to be done of the matter but that didn't negate how irritating this whole adventure was becoming.

Ah, why did he have to remember that this journey had only just started? Pah.

He caught sight of the entrance sign out of the corner of his eye, arriving in the town in lessened spirits. He paused, tilting his chin up as he focused his attentions to the task at hand. He could dwell on those thoughts later, for now he needed to find Akira. A twitch of one of his eyebrows indicated further annoyance. This had been happening more often than he would like, the surprise. He hadn't been able to see as clearly as he would've preferred or as vastly as he was accustomed to. The impedance was turning into more of a nuisance than he saw necessary to deal with. Yet another problem to compound on top of everything.

He scanned the main road, not finding much signs of activity at all. As he walked a bit deeper into the town, he noticed faint scuff marks on the ground. His eyes narrowed, the archdemon turning on his heel a bit as he followed the markings towards one of the alleyways. That was the one convenient thing about battles and skirmishes. They always left a fairly easy trail to follow.

The marks ended abruptly, jutting out a bit unnaturally at the edges of a wall. Really Akira? Really? You couldn't have taken another alleyway? With another mildly irritated sigh leaving his lips, Lucian hoisted himself over the wall and landed easily on the other side.

A sound down the alleyway caught his attention. Slowly peeling his eyes opened, Akira turned his head to see who it was. Perhaps it was a human wandering around the alleyway, or maybe the demon that he'd ditched back at the front of the town. He couldn't see very well down the dark street either way. Even so, he huffed out a short breath of air and returned to leaning against the wall.

With a frown he closed his eyes trying to figure out if he should get up and actually go report back to the other two on his failure. How would they take it, he wondered? It wasn't like he could sit there all night, wallowing in his own self pity and irritation. Slowly, Akira started to stand, using the wall as a brace. Whoever it was down the alleyway, he didn't much care unless it was one of his group.

A very brief flash of concern came into his eyes before Lucian let it recede. So the exorcist was hurt after all. He restrained himself, keeping his pace even as he approached the injured man. The unsteady way in which Akira was keeping himself balanced was an indicator that the other could possibly pass out with too much over exertion. The archdemon merely raised his hands a bit to show that he wasn't an enemy before lowering them, looking Akira over more closely. He really did look worse for the wear. Tch.

The one who had made the sound in the alleyway was none other than Lucian. Akira's weary gaze shifted over to the man and a brief moment of guilt spread through him like wild fire before burning out just as quickly. Why would Lucian care if he'd run off and nearly gotten himself killed? They'd only known each other for three days, there wasn't much to go on from just that.

"Lucian," Akira stated, his voice barely above a whisper. He looked down then, moving uncomfortably, "The spirit got away from me."

He raised his eyebrows, nodding slowly as he moved a bit closer. The weakness of the voice that reached his ears was troubling. Lucian reached out, gently grasping Akira's shoulder to help adjust the other. He didn't say anything--he only kept his gaze steady on the exorcist to cue him into continuing.

"My bind, did nothing to stop him," Akira continued as Lucian continued to look at him. He wondered if the demon would answer him or not. Or maybe he was just the silent type. The hand on his shoulder was comforting none-the-less, keeping him steady. Damn, he had used a little bit too much energy to try to fight the spirit. With a sigh, he leaned his head against the wall, tired beyond belief. He should probably get the scratches on his chest treated as well, who knew what kind of dirt and other things got into the cuts. However, Akira wasn't going to let on to that fact.

"If we hurry, we might be able to catch it," the exorcist said, turning his head to look down to the left where the creature had gone, "It took off that way."

Lucian kept his expression relatively neutral as he shook his head at the suggestion. "Not yet," Was all he said as he used his free hand to reach up and undo one of the buttons of Akira's shirt. There was a dark, crimson hue, though the color had faded a bit to a dull brown due to the blood's drying. Tsk. As he had suspected. He did not bother to look back up at the other man as he undid a few more buttons to get a better look at the wounds. It probably wasn't as bad as it looked--he hadn't foreseen anything drastically negative coming from the scratches. Hm, what to use to bound it.

He flicked his gaze back up at Akira, faint traces of a smirk turning up the ends of his lips. It was barely noticeable but just amused enough to warrant the attentions of an observant person. Lucian gestured to the cuts, raising one of his eyebrows in inquiry. "I hope you don't plan on pursuing the creature with open wounds like that. You'll turn into a hindrance."

His eyes widened slightly as Lucian undid the top button to his shirt and pulled it away just enough to see the damage underneath. He was shocked that the man would even have the slightest concern for such a trivial wound such as that. Akira had gone through far worse in the past. He bit his lip, a lump welling at the back of his throat. A flash of an image coming to mind, the Wraith striking out at him after the exorcism... He pushed it away and found that his shirt had been undone even further.
It wasn't until Lucian glanced back up at him with a faint smirk on his lips that Akira felt his face heat. What the hell was that for? He stood still like a rock, unmoving as Lucian gestured to the cuts, his words cutting deeper.

"I...We can't let it get away," Akira said, the only thing that came to mind in the situation which had nothing solid to it to begin with. What kind of excuse was that? "This is nothing."

"Mmmmmm...." Was all that left Lucian as he intentionally took his pointer finger and prodded Akira into a particularly deeper cut of his.

Akira winced as Lucian poked the wound, the deeper of the three no less. Pulling his lower lip into his mouth he bit the skin and tried to put his best face forward, though one eye was half closed in response to the burn.

The archdemon didn't even need to say it--they both knew the injuries had to be treated, even in the most minimal of manners, before pursuing the creature. Lucian glanced down at one of the tattered ends of Akira's shirt and quickly tore of a portion of it, paying little heed to the reaction of the other. He deftly used the cloth to tie it once around the man's torso, making sure to cover the large wounds. Well, it wasn't the neatest or most effective of bandage jobs but it would do for now.

The sound of tearing cloth filled the air and Akira was jostled around for a brief moment as the demon wrapped the thin strip around the deeper cut and some of the other ones. With a soft sigh to himself he reluctantly realized that Lucian was not going to let him go anywhere after the spirit. At least not right then. Pushing off the wall, Akira felt the bruising all along his back where he'd hit the corner of the building earlier.

Well, if Lucian gave so much care to a simple scratch, he wondered what the demon would be like over partially broken ribs. Best not to say anything, Akira thought to himself and took a tentative step forward.

"There is an inn nearby. We can stay there," Akira offered. He didn't know if there were any healers in town and he would much rather stay away from them anyway.

Lucian shrugged his shoulders in response. "Fair enough," He commented as he stepped away from Akira and slid his gaze towards the end of the alleyway. An inn would provide recuperation time but also, time to get his head on straight. The archdemon needed time (an absurd statement in itself) to collect his thoughts and a moment to have it all make sense again. Without another word, he moved past Akira, gesturing to the other to follow him towards the building.