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Snippet #2364974

located in Prologue, a part of Hezenattin the Leaves of Fate, one of the many universes on RPG.


The events that took place before and a little after the King is poisoned


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"Hmm..." Rowan rumbled the syllable in her throat and glanced around. There was a pretty good reason WHY she set up shop close to the castle walls. Smart thieves wouldn't bother her within sight of their own soldiers and lawmakers. Even if a stupid thief acted, they'd quickly realize exactly how stupid their action was. There is also a very good reason Bastet is known as the Warrior Queen, and as a daughter of Bastet, Rowan herself was also a warrior when necessary. Despite her own father and Lord Protector's view of women, she found that a mother is ALWAYS a warrior for the sake of her children. To say otherwise had become blasphemy to her in the last four years.

She gave a huff and returned her attention to the matter at hand. "I can't leave my other customers." The redhaired werecat waited patiently for the scrawny fellow wishing to be a blacksmith to count his money and answered any questions other people at the cart had about the merchandise. She considered it part of her job to understand what she was selling. How else could she put an appropriate price on it?