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Snippet #2364980

located in Prologue, a part of Hezenattin the Leaves of Fate, one of the many universes on RPG.


The events that took place before and a little after the King is poisoned


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Character Portrait: Jon Sinclair Character Portrait: Rowan Faylinn
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Jon shrugged "Very well I was only looking for safety over others but if I must." Jon counted out loud for the red head making sure not to undercut her. He was wise enough to know not to cross a native to Bastet. After counting the coin Jon waited for the young redhead to take her coin then without warning Jon picked up the anvil with one arm and lifted it on his shoulder and then took the rest of the tools into the other hand and bowed "Thank you kindly Miss for this I will be on my way now. Pleasant days to you." Jon then walked back into the castle walls Jon had a smile on his face one of his most enjoyable aspects of being a mage is that magic makes you appear weaker than you are. Every mage has strength that can over power a large man because in order to use magic effectively the body has to be as strong as the spell otherwise the spell simply won't work. Jon enjoyed this because he found entertainment in surprising others with a his great strength.