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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


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Character Portrait: Icarus Saerin Character Portrait: Derithiue Qre Jedas Character Portrait: Isengrim Lupul Character Portrait: Zherynnia Analorum Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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Did just a pathetic MIDGET just scold him about something he could not even careless? And even had the audacity to hit him on the head? Oh, someone was going to be slaughtered at this very moment. His ash green eye glowed eerily with as it took a certain sheen. However, it quickly dissipated as the ship jolted once more upon entering an air pocket. He was once more hurling on the side and set aside his personal grudge match with the DWARF. Once this thing was on land, he would have the pleasure of skinning her and making that flesh of hers their personal map whatever that BRAT was needed for. He would not need to bother with Ophelia as he would do it personally by his hands.

For now, he would take the old man's offer for a rest. So, when the ship would somehow stable. He would manage to walk without getting dizzy or his sense of equilibrium being bombarded by swirls of his bile coming up to his throat. Somehow, he was able to reach an empty room and a bed to boot. The haze of sleepiness immediately took over him. Like his usual habit, he took off his upper shirt and then dropped himself to the bed but not without securing a bucket near him. Fortunately, sleep's hold was more strong than his airsickness. In short, he slept for the duration of the flight like a wee-little baby. Even if he did not want to admit it that he was able to do so in a dastardly wooden death trap called an airship.

Actually, Jedas was sleeping so nicely. He did not even felt that the airship had landed. It continued on that way if not one of the companions of the Doc opted to check on him. The arduous sound of wood being knocked irritated the slumbering man as he instinctively grabbed hold of Ophelia and threw it towards the door like a knife. Its tip implanted through the wood which touched the man's forehead so subtlety making contact on the skin. It caused enough to make a cut to bleed. But, it was not too deep or anything. This made the person knocking fall on his butt at the sudden brush with death. Then, it was followed by a scream which finally brought the One-Eyed Grim Reaper back to the waking world.

"Damn bloody tourists!" He instantly rose and looked around the unfamiliar room. "Oh..." It was then he remembered that he was on a mission or something. But the oddest thing, he was not feeling sick anymore. He was aboard an airship right? Grabbing hold of his shirt and then removing Ophelia from the door, he exited the room and made his way to the deck. He sheathed his weapon and wore his shirt and noticed that everyone was already assembled. But what took his interest was they were back on land. Now, he would not need to worry about spilling his guts out. Although, he would have to think of another means of leaving this place without getting back on this sad excuse of a transportation.

He looked at the cargo they were to protect and then took notice one of the Doc's companion avoiding his gaze and even had a bandage on his forehead. Well, he was not a foreigner about not being like. So, he ignored it all together while releasing a yawn and stretching his limbs. "Let's get this started, already." Little did he know that he had frightened the man enough to have post-traumatic stress of waking anyone for the rest of his life. But then, he remembered something that made him angry. The knowledge that he was back on land over-toppled his personal vendetta. In a quick draw, Ophelia was unsheathed and then a downward slash was directed towards the whip-snapper who plonked him on the head. It would have been all good if the RAT just talked and talked. But, she had to violate his personal space. "You're going to die right now, you insect." His tone was void of its usual cockiness or lackadaisical manner. Instead, it was completely violent and bloodcurdling presence of intent to kill surrounded him like a thick fog.