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Snippet #2365477

located in Kuusou, a part of Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Dianne "Hell's Rapier" Lacroix Character Portrait: Juliet Stein Character Portrait: Alizé Ryder Character Portrait: Vercingetorix Máedóc
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"We've come here for whatever made that explosion. We'd rather not start a fight here and now, so, we'd be willing to negoti-" Dianne was interrupted by Aurelie, "Bries, It's been quite a while! Luckily, I was put in this lady here," she pointed to Dianne," and we figured out how to clone her, so now we just live in two separate, but effectively identical, bodies. Even more fortunately, we're very similar in personality, so we get along wonderfully." Aurelie put her arm around Dianne's back, and pulled her closer. The Demon shifted to Grim Tongue (the language that only Dianne & Aurelie speak), and said,
"We could get a hold of the source, without even needing to fight them. Their leader is a demonic, and it's pretty obvious the host and demon don't get along. Maybe, we could strike a deal with Bries and Maedoc, so that we get to take the source, and, in return, we could try to convince Bries to try to be a little nicer to Maedoc. The host would be overjoyed of this, and would likely take the deal."

Dianne glanced to Maedoc, then to Alize and Juliet. She responded in grim tongue, "The challenge will be to convince the demon to work with us on this. We need to earn some sort of favor from him. You're a demon too; think of something that he, or a demon in general, would want a LOT."
"Let's negotiate for now. We can figure out something if we continue to talk to them." Aurelie replied, running through things that could work in her head.

The entire discussion, to everyone else, just sounded like a garble of consonant-heavy gibberish, with sounds and syllables that seemed near-impossible to pronounce. Their mouth movements didn't match the sounds at all, but would still lip-read as gibberish.

They switched back to English.
"We'd like to find the source of that explosion, and attempt to peacefully negotiate what will happen to it." Dianne said, and Aurelie nodded, flashing a small grimace to Maedoc, hoping that Bries would notice it was directed to him, not the host.