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Snippet #2365735

located in Kuusou, a part of Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Everything happened for a reason, but it is always the people involved with the reason that shape the course of the future by themselves. When something happens, it happens because something else had influenced another something which caused it to reach the point in which it had happened. So, nothing was truly random. This was the motto by which a man known to most as "Fate" had lived by, and the words spoke to his heart so.

With that being said, it should not come across as a surprise that when the carnage from an explosion had effectively leveled an entire city, killing many and injuring many more, that he showed not the slightest frown nor concern for his own well-being. After all, something had caused this. If anything, it had him curious as to what might have caused such destruction so quickly. The thought of such power residing within someone was such a mysterious source of excitement, and fear. Was it a group, or was it a single person? No, certainly not a group -- at least not one he was aware of. He was knowledgeable on both of the biggest groups in the world - The Chikyuu No Mirai and the Shikaku. The latter of which he was associated with to a common degree. Were someone there able to do such a thing, he'd have known. But nobody was.

Knowing that, he had one guess. Before his long-time friend, Dianne, had managed her way up the ladder and onto the position of the Master of the Shikaku, both the Shikaku and the Mirai both found themselves worried about a source of power so great that it could shape the very destiny of the world. This source of power was in one person who was known only as "The Destroyer". By the time leadership had changed, the groups didn't seem so worried about this rumor; this myth. But Fate.... that story always appealed to him. A force so great that it could not only shape its own future, but the future of anyone and everyone in the world? Awesome. Inspiring. Intimidating.......and full of potential.

Manipulation could either shape the world or destroy it, if this "Destroyer" was indeed a person as told by the stories.

And Fate, the man he is, would love nothing more than to be that manipulator. To be the one to make the person who held the world in their hands bend to his will. For it wasn't the person with the power, but the person who controlled the power that was in command of the world. Yes....

....he would be in command.

Fate had seen his friend leave her residence upon waking up along with her 'friend'. At the time, he wasn't doing much but nothing and chose his destiny by following her -- discreetly, of course. Now, he stood far behind, easily avoiding detection by anyone and everyone simply because he was further behind them. However, upon approaching Dianne and the people she had begun to converse with, he noticed.... three people. One in a tree, overlooking the gathering down below, and two others sneaking around in an even more suspicious manner than the one above.

It was left to a flip of the coin to decide where his destiny took him. Heads, he confronted the man in the tree. Tails, he followed the two to wherever they may go. Dianne could handle herself in a fight, and the Chikyuu leader didn't seem to resort to violence upon recognizing his opponent's identity, so he predicted leaving them alone for a small while wouldn't yield unfavorable results. Thusly, he flipped his coin with his thumb and watched it as it flew into the air, then plummeted down onto his palm, which he then turned over to reveal.....


Well, either way, he was probably going to follow them simply because of their behavior. Who attempts to hide from others during a crisis like this? It was obvious no start of any war, so such an excuse was implausible. They knew something, or so Fate would hope as he stealithly followed them, paying care not to cause anything beneath his feet to reveal him to the two.

They reached a tree soon after, where the had stopped to climb. The boy instructed the girl to climb and look for an entrance. They, of course, were whispering. However, when they had stopped, he simply moved to the other side of the tree and kept his back to it via Gate, smirking at the fact they were none the wiser. But he decided that enough was enough. He wanted to question the two, especially after recognizing the man's voice. Though nothing too remarkable, this young man was known as a thorn in the side of both of the major parties. He wasn't too bad at getting in and out, and since he had never managed to do anything to Dianne or himself, Fate never found a reason to pursue him, even if he could. Another Gate placed him behind the young girl, whom he didn't recognize whatsoever. Before she managed to grab a hold of the tree, he tossed a charged card straight at the tree, above her head, slamming into the trunk and detonating with a concussive force that, though sturdy, made the tree's branches shake wildly, and caused a loud bang. Leaves and weaker branches fell from said tree due to the sudden attack, and it might've even scared the life out of the two. But that didn't matter. What did is that they were aware of his presence now, for trees didn't simply do that. "Eheheh! Hate to make a dramatic entrance, but I'd reckon you'd just bolt up the tree if you weren't aware of how vain it would be." he began, approaching the girl in a walk with a sly grin on his face, but stopped some feet away from her. "I ain't no Sheriff, but I wouldn't mind you telling me what you two are doing sneaking around here. Doesn't seem to me like you have much of an obvious reason.... unless you're involved in what happened in some way?" Fate kept his eyes open, allowing neither the boy in the tree or the girl before him to move one bit without him noticing. That, and his hand held in it a few playing cards as ammunition. To them, maybe they'd figure it was odd, but to him, they were of course, weapons for him to use in either defense or to interrogate. He'd hope Luck would allow neither to be required.