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Snippet #2365830

located in Kuusou, a part of Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Rin Hayashi Character Portrait: Dianne "Hell's Rapier" Lacroix Character Portrait: Alizé Ryder Character Portrait: Bane Skamour Character Portrait: Vercingetorix Máedóc Character Portrait: Malcolm Swain "Fate"
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"Okay, we're out of earshot, but whisper just in case. My home is not at all far from here. I'm not here to hurt, I'm here to help." the man whispered as they started to leave the group behind. She looked at the an and decided to make her final decision. She had nowhere else to go and no one left to trust. The best she had at the moment was him and if he would keep her safe from the groups, she would have to take her chances.

"Thank you..." She whispered. She knew the chances she was taking while following him. She took the same chances and got her sister killed when she was ten by doing the same. Now, she had nothing more to lose. It didn't matter anymore.

"Here we are. Look around until you find a hole in the tree and climb through it. The ladder will be above the entrance. climb it and I will meet you there." he said as she quickly nodded and started looking. Suddenly, and explosion went off in front of her, causing some branches to fall and getting a yelp out of her. At first, she thought she caused it again but quickly realized someone was behind her.

"Eheheh! Hate to make a dramatic entrance, but I'd reckon you'd just bolt up the tree if you weren't aware of how vain it would be." the man behind her said as she whipped around to see him approaching.

"I ain't no Sheriff, but I wouldn't mind you telling me what you two are doing sneaking around here. Doesn't seem to me like you have much of an obvious reason.... unless you're involved in what happened in some way?" He finished as Rin's eyes widened. How could he tell so easily?

"Hey, dandy man. None of us were involved in that attack in any way." The stranger who was helping her said as he jumped back down, saving her from talking.

"If there's a huge explosion that wipes out half the town, people are going to feel it and investigate. I wanted to investigate it. There's no crime in that, is there Sherrif? I also do believe that you're in my territory, so my suggestion would be to take your magic tricks somewhere else..." The stranger continued as he whipped out his sword.

Suddenly, she heard people running in the distance. Her heart threatened to stop as she saw the group she intended to avoid rush to the fight.

"HOLD!" the man who looked like the leader of the group yelled as she froze.

"Now, wait! Just hold on. There's too much commotion going on. It's starting to feel rather crowded here, quite honestly... So before we continue bickering and huffing and threatening each other, there are a lot of questions that still need answered. Like who all of you are and what you know about all these explosions that have been happening." Rin's eyes widened as she started to panic. Would they kill her if she told them?

Alizé ran toward the explosion as soon as she heard it. Getting to the clearing, her heart sunk as soon as she saw Fate.

"God damn it all..." She muttered under her breath before she glanced over at a timid looking girl who had a guilty looking face. She smiled slightly as she decided to use a bit of her powers to "Persuade" her to give the information she needed.

"It's okay, you can trust us. Just tell us what happened." She said with a fake smile as Rin looked up, her eyes slightly grey.

Suddenly, Alizé's eyes widened as she quickly grabbed her head in pain. A golden essence filled the air between them and she gasped in pain.

"I cause them..." Rin said, her voice and face devoid of all emotion as her eyes took on a greyish gold color.