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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2366507

located in Kuusou, a part of Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"But have you truly not heard tell of the Destroyer of Kuusou? Any children's book about it could tell you: You're here to kill us all..." The man said as her eyes widened. She couldn't believe it. But... she was the one who destroyed half of her own town. She tried to deny it, but her voice wouldn't allow it. She was terrified. What would she be able to do if she trained that power?

"Or so they say. I'm sure you can tell that there's one very obvious method to making sure you don't do that. To kill you, don't cha think?" The man said as her gaze hardened.

"But you see, I'm sure there's a way we can prevent such a tragedy from happening without losing one hand. Surely your power isn't uncontrollable. Or they'd claim to. 'Harness your talent' could easily just be a rewording of any number of things. But ultimately, it'd just mean you were a prisoner without even knowing it. And would your abilities really be put to good use? You could end up harming innocent people under the guise of saving others, when you'd be establishing a position of power above others. You'd be playing right into their hands." the man said as he shot a glare at the man who stopped them all earlier.

"I don't see a profitable outcome for you, miss. Not with the Shikaku, and not with the Chikyuu No Mirai. Your life would either be a burden, or uselessly spent." he stated as his eyes slowly made her grow slightly calmer and her golden essence whipped out again and stayed around her.

"You can either fold, or..." he smirked. "You can make a contract with me and decide your own destiny...and I never bluff about such things. he said as he held out his hand. The smirk on his face put her off though.

"I don't trust you in the slightest. So no, I don't believe I will." She stated bluntly as a laugh escaped a woman's mouth and she quickly covered her mouth to stop.

"Apparently I'm not the only woman to turn you down." The lady said with a smirk before Rin's attention was brought to the two people looked the same. The woman lunged at the man who Fate gestured to earlier. The other "Twin" stopped her and tried to calm them all down.

"We are not here to kill anyone. Everyone needs to find a way to decide this, besides just some savage bloodbath. This is the destroyer for god's sake!" She yelled as Rin flinched. She didn't like that name at all.

"Dianne, you're scaring the poor child. But no more than this man." he said as he approached the man from earlier.

"I do not know if she is what you are calling the 'destroyer.' But even if she is, nothing says she's meant to destroy the world, just that it's possible." he said again as her head started to spin. There were too many sides to choose from! Who could she trust!? Suddenly the man looked at her.

"If you did cause the explosion, you must be frightened. You have a power many will want to use or abuse or even destroy. You can't trust anything any of us say, even me, right now. So all I will tell you is this. Find someplace safe. You can't make any decisions when we're all calling on you like this. The only real advice I can give, until, if, we're able to talk again, is run. Keep running until no one can find you."

Rin stared blankly as she thought over her options, not giving any emotion to show anyone what she thought. Suddenly, her mind was made. Her essence quickly formed a wall between her and the others and she quickly took off, taking the mans advice. She couldn't trust anyone there.