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located in Magai Academy, a part of Magai Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Magai Academy



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Character Portrait: Hideki Darren Mirian
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Hideki Mirian

Hideki was outside the school building, but inside the school gates, before the bell could ring. It was 7:15, and school kind of started around a whole hour afterwards, so he was much earlier than most kids, although there were still many in the area. He tended to stay away from the groups of people, and for their own good, so what he did was go to the garden on the side of the school and just stay there for the whole hour he'd have to wait until school would begin.

He sat on a bench in the center of this little garden and watched the bees move from flower to flower. Some people found it strange that he stared at such minor things in life, but what else could he do since he didn't take a major part? As a minor character in the book of life, he thought he wouldn't be associated with the major characters in life, so all he did was do unnoticeable things, things regular people would do, or anyone for that matter.

Hideki pulled out a book from the bag of his on the bench and turned to his left where a lovely lily was leaning on the armrest. He blinked at it for a while, doing nothing about it until he decided why not? Hideki got a pencil from his bag and put it gently onto the paper as he began to sketch the flower, very slowly, but very accurately.

He didn't expect anyone to come across him actually, he didn't expect anyone to even go near the garden since they were already with his friends and all, but apparently, someone did.

Hideki pulled his eyes off the notebook when he saw a man walking through the garden, stepping on the flowers, and not caring what he crashed into. The man then caught Hideki staring at him as he immediately brought his eyes back down onto the paper, hoping he wasn't seen since he didn't want to cause any trouble, or even talk to another person.

"Oi." The man walked up to him, an angry and ugly look on his face. Hideki didn't answer to the man said even louder, putting his foot onto Hideki's leg, pushing onto it hardly which would probably hurt someone more than usual, but Hideki didn't even twitch as the man repeated again, "Punk, look up at me."

Finally, Hideki moved his bored and tired eyes up to the man and said, "I can hear you."

"Then why aren't you answering huh?" He asked impatiently. The man then saw how Hideki was sketching out a flower and laughed, taking the note book away from his hands and pointing at this, "What's this! A flower? What? You're an artist? How draws flowers? Such a wimp! Girl!" He immaturely teased.

Hideki could stand getting beaten up, but if someone were to just snatch away his drawings like that only to insult him, he would get angry, despite how much tolerance he had for anyone, "Give it back." He said, giving the man a chance, and a warning even though he obviously didn't see that.

"This? Like hell I would!" The man laughed and ripped the notebook of his in half like it was just a single sheet of paper.

That's what got Hideki angry as he sent a threatening glare at the man, and after just a mere second, he noticed that his arm had caught fire and he dropped the halves of the book before screaming and running around, trying to find help, or water. Hideki, on the other hand, simply kneeled down and began to pick up the torn pictures with an emotionless face, "I told you..." He sighed sadly.