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It seemed that Opal did not feel any contempt with the question Aberdeen asked her. Rather, she immediately rambled on about how great a friend Lila was and how she was her roommate. Then she talked about the fight and asked Aberdeen what she did. Apparently, Lila’s ability is to “…make things float but not really move anywhere…” and Ella’s ability is to make her happy or sad. Aberdeen could kind of guess that Opal’s power had something to do with using some kind of force to move the objects but she couldn’t understand what Opal meant by Ella making her happy or sad. Opal had asked her about her power as well, but Aberdeen was wary of giving this kind of information before the fight.

“You’ll see very soon, if the others hurry up,” Aberdeen remarked in a serious and slightly agitated tone.

Luciana then popped in front of Opal with her usual creepy mask smile panting heavily as though she had found her lunch for the day. It seemed Luciana got bored with Li and decided to focus again on Opal now that Aberdeen had started a conversation with the pink headed girl.

“This is Luciana. She seems to have taken a liking to you. If you see her in your nightmares do play along, I’m sure she’ll enjoy eliciting a shriek from you,” Aberdeen said with a small dark grin plastered on her face. Suddenly, Luciana stared at Opal’s moving book bag closely while continuing her panting. Aberdeen had never seen Luciana stare at an object like that before and was about to ask Luciana what she was up to when suddenly, Luciana quickly shoves her hand…well extension of her shadowy body…into the book bag ruffling inside it until she grabs a few pieces of caramel. Apparently, Luciana wanted the caramel pieces that Ella was eating. Then Luciana decided to eat them and placed them inside her mouth, although her real mouth is not the mouth that is carved into her mask. Luciana’s “stomach” suddenly widened and separated into two, forming an opening that revealed the true mouth of Luciana. Her real mouth had many sharp teeth and a tongue that licked its “lips” once Luciana was done consuming her small treat. Aberdeen was used to this scene, but wondered how Opal was dealing with this sudden realization. Still, she had to scold Luciana for taking the candies without permission.

“Lucy, you know you’re supposed to ask people before you take their stuff!” Aberdeen disciplined with a strict look on her face. Luciana then bent her head down and whimpered, sad that her delicious meal was tainted by her master’s scolding.
“I’m sorry, Opal and Ella. Please forgive Lucy, I think she has taken a liking to your caramel candies.”

Afterwards, Aberdeen turned back to watch the fight between Lila and Alexis. Alexis had a shard of ice that she threw towards Lila. It zoomed quickly across the stage and all Aberdeen could think was “Lila watch out!!!” while looking worriedly at Alexis’ opponent. Aberdeen was so focused on watching that she almost didn’t feel Brooklyn’s presence behind her. If she had turned around, she would have seen Brooklyn smiling at her younger sister who seems to be having much progress. However, Brooklyn noticed something strange behind Opal. It didn’t seem that Opal noticed the little girl behind her who had dark black hair that flowed down to her waist and a plain white dress that covered her body up to her ankles. In fact, no one noticed the mysterious figure that was behind her. Brooklyn knew what it was and that Aberdeen would have been able to see the ghost that was hovering near Opal. What her purpose was, she did not know and wouldn’t find out at this time because the ghost had disappeared in a flash.

OOC: Ahh are you alright Possibility? I hope you get better. Also, the ghost is supposed to hint at what we discussed, but I changed it a bit. ;)