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located in Magai Academy, a part of Magai Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Magai Academy



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Character Portrait: Hideki Darren Mirian Character Portrait: Kanako Tokui
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Hideki Mirian

"Well, as for the detention thing, if you need I can just tell them you were defending yourself, at the very least you might get in less trouble for that."

"Huh?" Hideki asked, a bit of a surprised look on his face since he didn't expect her to say that. In fact, he didn't even think that their conversation would last very long actually. He thought it'd just start, and end, not even spanning a single minute long, but apparently what he thought was wrong.

A moment later he told himself to stop thinking and say something as he put on a small smile and asked, "Y-You'd really do that? Because... well... Who knows... It could last longer than you'd expect and you may get into the situation as well. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble or waste any of your time..." Or else he'd feel really guilty about himself and probably regret it in the end, so he also made sure that it was alright with the other person a second time beforehand in a very polite manner.

"And... A partner? Hm... Truthfully, no, I don't really have anyone to ask, and I don't think anyone would ask me either... Your power shouldn't be much of an issue for me, so how about we partner up? Though, I suppose I should learn your name first at least."

"Eh, really?" Hideki asked, a little rush of excitement passing through him as seen by his stunned looking expression, 'T-that'd be great...' He thought to himself, not realizing that he didn't say anything out loud, 'But I'm not sure you really understand how dangerous I could be...'

He only noticed that he didn't speak what he wanted to say, but when he finally did, Hideki saw Kana look at her watch and say "Sorry to cut this short, but I need to get to class. If you're interested, you can find me during lunch, I'll be in the same place I was this morning."

"Ah, alright." Hideki said before waving slowly, still a little anxious about what would go on. Yeah, he always wanted to try going on one of those missions with a partner, make a friend like he used to before he got his curse of fire manipulation. With that, it seemed impossible for him to meet new friends, or just meet anyone actually.

Or maybe it was just him. Hideki began to actually think it was because of himself being so anxious and nervous all the time that he was never able to meet new people, 'Maybe if I just tried to relax once I'd calm down...?' He wondered to himself while staring out the window curing class, which ended up with the teacher lecturing him about paying attention during class.

Later after class ended, Hideki stayed after just slightly longer to get some extra work done, 'Just real quickly... Then I can go see if Tokui-san really still wants to be my partner... or maybe she was joking? Will she even be there...? Well... I don't think she's one to joke like that at least... hopefully this isn't some sort of prank...' He sighed nervously before packing his bags and walking towards where he saw her that morning, looking among the children, teenagers, and adults in the hall way who all sort of glared back at him after the rumors of him 'attacking a man on purpose' got out around the school.

He was sort of used to it, but he was a bit afraid that Kana wouldn't like all the negative attention drawn towards him and would probably walk off because of how much he stood out and how unusual he was, and he slowly began to think that meeting up with her was a bad idea again, but nevertheless, kept his tiny hopes up and continued to look among the crowd for the girl he met that morning that offered such a surprising deal he had an urge to accept.