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located in Magai Academy, a part of Magai Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Magai Academy



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Character Portrait: Hideki Darren Mirian Character Portrait: Kanako Tokui
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Hideki Mirian

"Which way was it again...?" Hideki asked himself, looking around from room to room, kind of forgetting where she was that morning, but determined to find it whatsoever, 'Or... was it outside?' He wondered to himself but then shook his head, conforming to himself that what he thought was wrong, 'No no... she was inside... And... on the 3rd floor? No, the 4th floor, right. The 4th floor from what I remember.' After remembering which room she should be waiting in, he took off again, still getting the odd glances from the children and adults who he passed by, yet paid no attention to at all because after a while, he got used to the way he was getting treated.

Finally finding the room, a small club room that was rarely used very often, most likely a storage or haunted room from what he's heard of among the other students, usually on Halloween to scare other people off though. He didn't mind it though, because he knew the rumors were also false as were all the other rumors that always spread around the school. Only the idiots would believe him, and he wasn't very much of an idiot actually.

He slid open the door, and he, for some reason, was a bit surprised to find Kana sitting in the room. She looked quite content, despite being alone and eating her lunch alone while other students were off with their friends, probably laughing and having fun. In a way, she kind of reminded him about himself, eating alone, being alone, but she didn't seem very bothered by it, or at least, from what he saw and knew from his first glances.

Quietly, he stepped into the empty room other than Kana, and did a polite bow as he always did, a habit of being polite to many people, even with being treated horribly back just for things he had no control over. Then, when he raised his head and stood up straight, after closing the door, he walked up to her, and said quietly, but there was a very small and relieved looking smile on his face whatsoever, "Honestly... I didn't think you were serious, even though you don't appear to be the type of person to joke about these kinds of things... But I'm actually a bit grateful that you didn't abandon me." He said.

Hideki took a seat across from her desk, noticing the tea cup in front of him, but unsure if it was for him since he's never really been treated to respectfully you could put it, so he simply left it there for the time being and instead asked, "If you don't mind my curiosity... do you always eat like this; Alone? You seem to be a really kind person... and you're very beautiful as well, I don't understand why anyone would avoid you. But that's just my opinion."

He just noticed that he strayed off topic again as he quickly apologized and said, "A-anyways... About... about the partners..." For some reason, he seemed quite shy to talk about it, "If you'd really have me, and not regret it later..." He got quieter, feeling that she understood what he was trying to say and ask as he glanced up at her.