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Snippet #2369148

located in Tokyo ; Japan, a part of Kokoro, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo ; Japan



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Character Portrait: Mika Walker Character Portrait: Naota Suzumi Character Portrait: Suki Nakamura Character Portrait: Zane Aria Shinto
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Mika Walker

After she seemed to have murmured something, perhaps it was a name, or a location, or a date, she didn't know, Zane became red all of a sudden and she wondered why, 'But... what did I say that struck a nerve? I can't remember though... Maybe I should ask? I'm blunt like that but- Ah! Mika, idiot, that'd sound weird! You're making yourself look stranger in front of people now!" She sighed at her miniature internal conflicts with herself, but brushed it off later.

"No... I don't think you said anything anyway..."

"Yeah, that's what I thought too!" She said, though she knew she said something, but couldn't lay her finger on it, sort of like a dream you had but didn't remember after waking up, 'How odd... my memory isn't the best, but it's never been this bad before... Strange... Ah well! Must be normal! Might as well just ignore it in the mean time!"

"Yeah well... it was what anybody would've done... or more what they should've done. I'm not heartless after all..."

Mika, after hearing that, let out a small sigh a second time as the smile on her face seemed to fade as she turned to glance at the orphanage children, "I really wish that was the case... But there are many people out there who are just too selfish or care for themselves... Sometimes they have a reason, but most times... they're just plain greedy. Still, that's why I'm here to save them from that sin!" It probably sounded really corny, the way she said it, but what she said was what she thought, and it was true because she even took pity on people like that because she believed that a 'hero' shouldn't hate on anyone and instead, try to save them from their conflicts to make them into a better person.

While she was staring at the orphanage, she also heard Zane say, "I suppose I shouldn't have been so surprised to meet you here of all people... stupid hero. Well then, a question for a question eh? Both of our curiosities sated. In that case, I think we're even and I'll take my leave. So long, Mika."

She was spacing out at that moment, not really paying attention to what he said until a minute later when he was already paces ahead of her. All her thoughts occurred in a mere moment as she began to wonder, 'Huh? Stupid... hero...? How did he know? We just met, didn't we? No one else calls me that but those few people I used to know in elementary and Jr. High... Though... the name Zane does ring a faint bell... B-but that's probably just a coincidence!'

Mika raised her hand to wave good bye as she would to anyone she met, even though it may have only been a mere minute or two until she recognized something, 'My part time job...' She thought before realizing something quite important and running to catch up with him, "H-Hey! I've got one more question to-"

And just as usual, she fell down from the weakness in her legs. It was nothing deadly, or at least to her, it wasn't, but it did affect her running abilities. But, just as usual as well, she got up, dusted the dirt off her legs and hands before saying loud enough to hear, "Neh! I have one more thing to ask!" She pointed to a piece of paper in her hands with what appeared to be directions, "Where is this place? It's an elementary school, and I have a job there, but I never came there beforehand. Do you recon knowing the location and just pointing out the way to me before we part?"

Naota Suzumi

After introducing himself, he noticed that Suki, the girl in front of him, also seemed to show a great amount of surprise as seen by her reaction to his first name, 'D-don't tell me she figured out that I was that singer they've been putting up everywhere...' He gulped, hoping that wasn't the case, at the very most since that'd be horrible. All he wanted was a normal day, nothing more, and this was exactly what he was looking for, if only it wouldn't fall apart just yet.

"It's n-nice to meet y-you too, N-naota-san. Your s-singing is a-amazing, by the way."

"Ah, you really think so...?" A slight expression appeared onto his face again, also a bit surprised. Yeah, he did hear it often from crazy fans or just people walking by, but she just said it short and simple, just like that. It made him a bit glad really, because he always felt that a short, straight to the point answer was always the best, no matter what the situation was, "Thanks... I suppose... But they're all just work in progress songs. I doubt they'll ever even be published. Feel lucky you hear it because you won't be hearing it again-" He judged noticed that he pointed out, almost literally, that he was the songwriter, and the singer that was on his rise to popularity in the city. Naota was just begging on the inside that she wouldn't find out or at least pay any attention to it.

"You know, I-I had a c-classmate once named Naota."

"You... Did...?" Naota asked, wondering if she was actually that one person he remembered in his class as well. It was such a long time ago, and that girl he knew who went by Suki, probably could have changed immensely, perhaps she wasn't even the same person from back then either and it was just a strange occurrence that the two had classmates with the same name as the both of them, but for some reason, Naota highly doubted that.

Since she began to bring it up, he scratched the back of his neck, his eyes darting around, but avoiding her as he was perhaps embarrassed to say, "O-odd... I had a classmate back in elementary who also had the exact name as you... Suki, Nakamura... And not to mention she looked completely like you and even had the same personality, and the problem with stuttering..."

He may have been a bit embarrassed because, well, if he got the wrong person, it'd be a little awkward, wouldn't it? And the normal conversation he was hoping to have suddenly, and most likely, would have just disappeared into the distance, but he had a strong feeling about this, and decided to take the high risk anyways.

Then, Naota noticed he didn't tell Suki his last name as she seemed to have been wondering about it. There was a reason why he didn't want her to know, two actually; One being that his last name sounded kinda girly, and he was made fun of it sometimes in childhood, and two, he could just mistake her for a fan he saw in a last live show he did, which was actually just the week before. But still, as put, Naota had his hopes that the girl standing in front of him was the one from his childhood and took the risk, "Susumi; my last name is Suzumi. Suzumi Naota."