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located in Magai Academy, a part of Magai Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Magai Academy



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Character Portrait: Hideki Darren Mirian Character Portrait: Kanako Tokui
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Kanako Tokui

Kana ate slowly as she waited, sipping at her tea from time to time and mostly just watching the window. Her attention however was drawn away from the window and towards the door as she heard footsteps approaching the room. Not long after that the door slid open, Ah, guess he was able to find the place. She raised her brow as he bowed but dismissed the slightly odd display of politeness just a moment later.

"Honestly... I didn't think you were serious, even though you don't appear to be the type of person to joke about these kinds of things... But I'm actually a bit grateful that you didn't abandon me."

Kana stood as she listened to him speak, moving to retrieve the tea pot and fill the cup in front of Hideki before taking her seat once more. Hm... He doesn't seem very confident. She seemed to punctuate this thought by taking another sip from her cup.

"If you don't mind my curiosity... do you always eat like this; Alone? You seem to be a really kind person... and you're very beautiful as well, I don't understand why anyone would avoid you. But that's just my opinion."

She considered the question for a moment before clearing her throat and speaking, "Mm, yes, I suppose I do always eat like this but it's never bothered me really, it's quite relaxing in here. As for being kind, I don't know if I'd say that, I don't think doing what you believe to be right is anything special, it should just be a natural reaction." Kana finished her cup and stood to refill it, continuing as she went. "And I don't think that people avoid me, I suppose they just find me hard to approach or something like that, it's hard to say." She quickly returned to her seat and began to nurse at the steaming drink.

"A-anyways... About... about the partners... If you'd really have me, and not regret it later..."

Kana gave a small nod, "Well, I still don't believe I've actually caught your name yet. But yes, if you're up for it I'd like to partner up with you. I'm not the type to have re-" Her speech was interrupted by a small jingle from her pocket. "Ah... I'm sorry." She retrieved a plain silver cellphone from her pocket and quickly scanned over the text she had just received and for the first time in Hideki's presence she smiled. She clicked out a quick response before putting the phone away and resuming her usual stoic expression. "As I was saying, I think I'd regret having never given it a chance more than anything else, so really, you don't need to worry so much over it."

A thought occurred to her at this moment as she glanced down at the mostly empty table. "Did you already eat by the way?"