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located in Blank Universe, a part of Omnipotence, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blank Universe

Default Location for Omnipotence. It is flat, gray, dreary, ugly, etc. For now (5/8/13) there is nothing.


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Suus had been working. This how he had always been, tireless, methodical. He was unaware of himself, lost in the endless task that had been assigned to him... by who? He couldn't remember, but that was of little consequence in the grander scope of his task. There was an immeasurably complex mesh that had been stretched beyond comprehension, spun of a material that formed the material and all else in between. And it was growing, stretching further and further into the unknown. He was a part of it, although he did not understand what it was or even what it's purpose was.

This dawned slowly on suus, who slowly became aware of these truths. It was as if there was a dawning light, that had begun gently to stir suus to life - until a sense of purpose burned inexorably at his very being of what he was. His name, suus, was given to him, binding him to his purpose. He was nothing more than that.

Moving of his own accord, he was drawn to a monstrous snarl in the fabric. This was why he existed. To fix problems like these. He congealed into a form, a reflection of his nature - organised, unassuming, unostentatious - and stepped into the dirt.

He flinched. It was lacking the pure harmony that he was used to. Although, it had a different order which he could not decipher yet. It would be his task to to untangle this mess and restore order. Once again assured in his purpose he moved on and there he saw Skamp. He felt an affinity with him but there was nothing in Skamp that could gave him a clue to why. The gangly figure seemed to lack any definition, which smacked him as a wasteful. Why extrude so much power and yet be so vague? Or frivilous? Suus thought as he watched Skamp scoop dirt and address the middle distance.

Having a schedule to keep, suus flatly asked:

"What are you?"