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located in Blank Universe, a part of Omnipotence, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blank Universe

Default Location for Omnipotence. It is flat, gray, dreary, ugly, etc. For now (5/8/13) there is nothing.


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As he wandered through the vast, blank expanse, Gromman Craggon found himself growing increasingly restless.  The world was large, to be sure, and capable of housing some truly amazing creations if given a good push.  It offended the deity's sensibilities to see such a promising canvas lie wasted in such a way.  The desire to take it all and make it his own was powerful indeed, but he resisted it.  His biggest current priority was to make sure no entities were present that would damage or pervert his glorious works.

A dark blur on the edge of his vision made him halt in his stride, stopping as motionless as any statue.  His eyes, however, were not so still, and they trailed after the strange creature as it floated in wide circles around him.  It was evidently female, dressed in a flowing black gown with white feathers sprouting from underneath its sleeves.  Its hair was long, contrasting both the dress and the feathers with its vivid orange colouring.  The first colour, Gromman Craggon reflected, that he had yet seen in the bland grey universe.  The creature gave him a curious look; he returned it.

He lifted the tablet so that he could see the dot's progress so far.  It had not stretched by more than a nanometre since it was first marked, yet was picking up speed now that the small creature had encountered him.  Keeping the tablet raised in his hands, he opened his cavernous mouth and began to speak.  "Greetings.  I am Gromman Craggon," he rumbled slowly, noting with satisfaction that the black dot became longer and more detailed with every word.  "You may call me Gromm if the last three syllables prove to be too tedious for you," he added, sarcasm undetectable in his monotonous speech.