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Snippet #2370350

located in Terreth, a part of Aboard The Phoenix: Revival, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Tamantha “TK” Kenden

"She's in the right place. I'll take care of her from here. You all can go now."

TK looked up from the ground at Elly. Quite frankly, TK did not want to leave the sick crew mate. TK also knew she had to get out of this room before she passed out from the fumes. She rubbed her nose as he eyes watered like someone with allergies. "I hope Gumi gets better. I know she's in good hands." TK said as she walked out of the room. Her tail coiled around her leg as if to be comforting. TK had to hold her nose to prevent herself from sneezing. "I need some fresh air..." TK muttered and stepped up onto the main deck. She was unaware that the ship's little fairy had just been mopping and scattered the water everywhere.

TK continued to rub her eyes, but the fresh air helped. She was unable to see where she was going when her heel hit a small water puddle. So small that this teen girl would be the other one to hit it. Her foot slid out forwards and TK's eyes snapped open wide. Her tail was coiled around her leg, so she was unable to balance herself quick enough.

Her back was the first thing to hit the deck, then her head whipped back and slammed into the solid wood. The wind was knocked out of her, and TK gasped for breath. She gripped her chest and coughed a few times, then almost started dry-heaving. When the air seemed to crawl its way back into her lungs, TK gave a few dry coughs. "Ugh ow... why me..?" TK muttered and put a hand on the back of her head, then winced. There was already a bump forming. Her pain was immediately replaced by anger. "Who in the hell did this?!" She yelled getting to her feet. Her head started pounding again and TK grimaced. "Damn..." The anger was wiped away and replaced by pain again.