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Snippet #2371451

located in New York, a part of Beauty From Pain, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Katherine Preston Character Portrait: Henry Insanus Character Portrait: Charlottee Ward Character Portrait: Jace Stridecaster
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Katherine was happy for the beginning of class until a girl starting through crumbled up paper at her. After the third one Katherine lost it and abruptly got up not caring about the commotion she could had made. She rushed over the girl and grabbed her by the shirt lifting her threatingly. "If you throw another paper at me you'll be picking up your teeth with broken fingers." Katherine let the girl down but was met with a harsh shove when she turned around. It was one of the jocks in class. "I think it's you that''l be the one hurting if you do that to her again. Got it freak?" The boy spoke menacingly to her but all she did was glare back. When she didn't answer him he lost his temper and shived her harder, this time making her fall back into a desk. "Damn." she spoke lowly and winced slightly though she tried to hide it.

Jace walked with her. "Well I have gym as well. How bout I walk you?" He smiled down at her as he walked with her. "I think gym class will be a bit more interesting having someone I actually know there." Every word he spoke to her was true.