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located in Blank Universe, a part of Omnipotence, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blank Universe

Default Location for Omnipotence. It is flat, gray, dreary, ugly, etc. For now (5/8/13) there is nothing.


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Through her floating around the bigger, Poändra had kept a constant speed. As soon as he spoke, however, she stopped in her midair tracks. It was her first encounter with sound, and it had been as startling as it'd been unexpected. It wasn't Gromman Craggon's voice; despite its apparent deep and cavernous character, speaking seemed natural to her, something of a habit she had merely forgotten about. But sound itself... The way it had cut through the eternal, calm silence of the universe... It irked her.

Gromman Craggon. She savored the name in her mind. It felt better there, without the whole the sound business. She cradled the pair of words. They had an exotic taste, but one that, again, rang with a sense of familiarity. With her distaste for spoken language and the feel of the name, Poändra hadn't paid attention to the rest of the giant's speech.

There was just something about the name that interested her much more than Gromm's contrasting appearance. He seemed quite dense, where she felt airy, and she thought the markings along his skin were really quite simple whereas a single feather of hers contained vivid detail to her eyes.

Floating so that their eyes were at the same level (but not making eye contact), Poändra whispered it, "Gromman Craggon," trying to determine if a second mention of the name sparked any information, now that her initial astonishment with sound was past. Quite the opposite occurred, however, as she realized she - herself - had produced sound. The mix of surprise and forgotten acquaintance came back. What was more, her voice wavered, where the giant's had been quite flat.

Orange hair flying about, her violet eyes met Gromm's black own.

"Gromman Craggon, yes." Her voice was unsteady as she struggled with its sound, but her face was dead set. "I call myself Poändra and that will be enough."

In that instant, she wanted to know. Already she understood the mortal creatures that ran at their feet better than she cared for yet Gromman Craggon gave off an entirely different persona. Poändra still found his familiarity curious, it had taken a back seat now that she was comfortable around his name.

"Tell me," she spoke, her voice now well above a whisper. She raised an arm and her feathers rustled towards the tablet in Gromm's hand. "What is this? How does its purpose serve you?"