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located in America, a part of Take My Hand, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Clara Eddington Character Portrait: Penelope King Character Portrait: Zachariah King Character Portrait: Alex Curtis Character Portrait: Flynn  Eddington II Character Portrait: Natalie Lyn Eddington
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Alex had asked if she wanted to cut line, but by the time they had gotten there, it had already died down. "No point today," she shrugged. After standing in line with the boys she made a B-line for the Eddington family. Immediately she sat down next to Clara and offered her a wide smile. "Well, how did you like the circus?" As the girl answered, Penny glanced over to her brother, frowning. What was his problem? At his silence, she reached her leg under the picnic style table and kicked his shin. She glared for extra emphasis. 'Be nice,' she mouthed, jerking her eyes towards Clara and her family. "You know, no offense or nothing, but... you all don't look much like circus folk. Why are you here? Are you staying or just passing through?" Penny had so many questions, all swimming in and out of her thoughts. Biting her lower lip, she forced herself to wait for another response before spilling out any more.

It had been a long time since she'd seen another girl around her own age, and it was kind of nice to have another girl around. Not that she was going to start going all girly and cooking for anyone! To hell with that! But it was nice, to see a 'proper' young lady around. Penny would never admit it, but Clara kind of reminded her of Wendy, from the stories Zach used to read her. Wendy was just a kid herself, but she pretended to be the mother of all those Lost Boys. Penny felt her mood dropping a little at the thought. Lost boys. That's what Alex and Zach were. Penny glanced over to her dark haired friend, who always had a smile on his face. Did he have a family to go back to? After all this time, did they? Did their mother and father even remember them anymore? Were they missed? Penny's shoulders slowly began to fall with all the sad thoughts she was thinking.

Upon being noticed, she perked right back up and flashed one of her usual Penny King smiles. The only people allowed to be sad in the circus were the clowns; and they had real reasons to be sad! They get made fun of all day, so at least she didn't have to deal with that.

Clara Eddington

Clara waved at the others who were in line, and pointed them out to her siblings. She continued to eat until the others had their food and sat down, Penny beside her, Alex beside Penny, and Zach directly in front of her. "Well, how did you like the circus?" Penny chirped, bright eyed and full of life. "I thought it was wonderful," Clara replied honestly, a smile lifting her lips. "What did you all think of it," she asked to her siblings, hoping that they enjoyed the show as much as she did. After she was answered, the black haired girl beside her spared no time. "You know, no offense or nothing, but... you all don't look much like circus folk. Why are you here? Are you staying or just passing through?" Clara laughed, unable to answer her right away. Penny was like a puppy; so excited, it was unsure what to do with itself. Clara regarded the girl, wondering if she would start vibrating from her restraint of more questions.

Ever patient, Clara calmed her laughing and nodded. "You're right, and I'm sorry to say we can not stay. We are heading to Easthaven, to live with our late aunt. The ringmaster was kind enough to give us a ride... Although it is lovely here and the people," she paused to offer the three of the circus group a smile, "are wonderful... We need to get to our aunts as soon as possible." Once she was sure that the two little ones were busy eating their food, and tuning her out, she added in a low tone, "I think that is where our mother went, and we are trying to find her." Clara felt a blush rise in her cheeks, and the reaction was unexpected. She was embarrassed. How does one 'lose' their mother? She felt like an idiot.

It was just then that she noticed a change in the younger female sitting beside her. "Penny, are you alright? Honestly, it's no problem at all, there's no need to be sad for us. I think the younger two are quite happy to be on such an adventure!" Clara felt relief when the other girl lifted her head and flashed a beautiful smile towards her. Clara smiled back, thankful to have lifted the girl's sadness. "What about you," she asked, turning her attention directly to Zach and then to Alex. "What brought you here, and why did you stay?" Don't you have families, she wanted to ask, but after glancing between the trio again, she decided against it.