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located in Blank Universe, a part of Omnipotence, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blank Universe

Default Location for Omnipotence. It is flat, gray, dreary, ugly, etc. For now (5/8/13) there is nothing.


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Hah. That was a thought.

"I am myself, Gromman Craggon. I was born from a tear of the Original One but I am not a fragment of them, I am a goddess whole. As I should hope you are."

And on that note... Poändra shot up, far from the ground that served as the only landmark in the desolate universe, she could see just how large the surface was. So extense, it stretched out in all directions, unspoiled save for the little creatures and the bigger shape of Gromm directly beneath her. Where were the other dieties? Within herself, she knew there were more. She saw none, couldn't feel any others close by.

Poändra returned to Gromm, descending not unlike a sheet of paper falling. She shot a playful look at the tablet before turning to the burlier god. "Gromman Craggon, what say you we invite our... siblings to play a game." To her it looked like he considered it, if only for a moment. Good. He had given her the idea, after all. Still, The goddess of desires didn't really wait for a reply.

With the grace of a silk ribbon, she took a handful of feathers from her hair. White as ivory, the shone under her gaze as she brought them closer. She whispered to them, This place is dull. Come, my brother, my sister. I have an idea that just might be entertaining for us all. With that she threw the messages in the air. They scattered in all directions, looking for beings that exuded the same kind of presence as Gromm and herself.

Poändra assumed not every other god would come. A handful of feathers were not enough to reach all the others. Plus, some gods were probably unapologetically dull. There was much to look forward, however. Her stare fell on Gromman Craggon, raised an eyebrow and smiled.

It was time for some healthy competition.