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Mass Effect Universe created by Bioware

Default setting. Includes the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy, locations that are labelled as "unknown", or any other places not specifically indexed for this role play.


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Ops Chief Vasquez had a love/hate relationship with being the rear guard. She hated not being closer to the more intense action that the front would usually provide. Not that she was an action junkie mind you, she simply wanted to be able to provide the kind of cover her skills provided. Plus she was able to nip on the butt any hair brained plans the others can come up with in the heat of the moment. Not that she was free from making some question calls herself. It was the nature of the chaos of war. However, the more brains you have in the adrenalin filled pack of devil dogs the more likely it is you’ll have that one voice who says, “Guys maybe we’d like to live past today and rethink that.”

Now the love part of being rare guard comes from the fact that she was making sure the only danger coming to her boys in the front is coming from the front. Since the beginning of time the most devastating action one can inflict on the other side was taking the flank. And she would trust no one else with making sure that doesn’t happen to them besides herself. Ok sure, perhaps the Commander as well. Another love was that it put her sniper rifle at it’s maximum use.

A soldier firing from one of the higher floors of the compound was proof of that as a round from the Ops Chief rifle ended his part in the engagement. Susan popped the heat sink and began to search for a new target before news of her work had reached her.

“Target is down. Thanks for cover Chief.” Came a relieved voice.

She didn’t reply, she had her mind set looking for more in the windows. The immediate area from her last target was quickly seemingly abandoned, surviving enemies taking the hint that popping out of the windows in the area was a very bad idea. Susan quickly got up from the rubble she had been lying on for cove and moved another spot she had kept in mind to look into another part of the compound. A tap on her leg drew her attention to her comms.

“Think I saw some movement on what’s left of the North East tower. Could be they got their own snipers out now looking for us.”

“Call out the targets. Corporal.” Susan replied to Corporal Singh. Fairly useful with a sniper himself, he was chosen by Sue to be her spotter since she was farther away from the majority of the action.

“Yes Ma’am” Came the reply as she let loose her round and watched as it found it’s mark. Once she received a confirmation from the Corporal she continued to look for new targets who might threaten her or her team below. The radio was bursting with info, she had little trouble keeping up and even giving the occasional order to her back line. She was able to keep her concentration though down the scope.

Until she heard her Commanders voice say a name she had imprinted in her own memory. Her eyes left the scope for a moment as he pressed the communicator on her helmet. “Sir?”

"Didn't say anything Ops Chief." Came a very quick and short reply, then his channel went eerily silent. He had turned off his communicator. Susan felt an empty feeling in her gut. That was something Ross just didn’t do.

“Chief, between far North East and Central towers. On the rooftops. Their scopes moving awfully close to our position!” Said Singh in a hurried tone.

Susan shook the feeling in her gut away as she quickly looked down the scope again, she quickly found one tower and looked for the target between the other. This one left little else but their head and rifle for view. And that view seemed to be inches from them. She fired quickly, perhaps a bit too quickly. A shot meant to suppress more than kill. But sometimes luck is just as important as the skill. The head in her scope snapped back.

“We’re changing locations. Stupid of us to stay here long as we did.” Said the Ops Chief as she let out a sigh of relief.

“Well I wasn’t about to say anything ma’am. More scared of you than the snipers.” Chuckled the Corporal as he followed her.

“Right now you should be.” She growled before new chatter on the radio caused her to find the nearest cover and listen.

“Chief! This is Grey on the right side flank we’ve got a whole wave of them coming down on us. We need extra guns before we’re rolled over!”

“Copy. More guns coming you’re way.” She said as she looked over the cover to see what she could do . “Not enough of the wall is down for me to fire down on the right side. Not without leaving me in the open. Corporal. Head down to the right side, I’ll be find here on my own.” She could see a bit of hesitation from the Singh. Her body language became all the more threatening.

“Yes Ma’am.” He said as he left cover.

Susan touched her communicator again as she left her cover and moved to the next spot she had designated as proper positions in the shuttle. “Left flank I need one of you to move to the right they are getting a lot more action there.” As she reached her position she could see a lone runner moving from the left to right.

A sudden renew bursts of fire down on her team from the windows easily caught her attention. She quickly let off a round, popped the heat sink and sent another down the barrel. While well aimed shots, she would had been just as happy to make the enemy duck back under cover. Still it was a strange sight. They knew she was out there, yet were willing to take that chance to shoot at something. It had been unsuccessfully whatever it was as no word of a man down came over the comms.

A voice however was calling for her. It was quiet almost as if whispering to keep others near by from hearing. “Chief it’s Cendas. The korgan went for the building. Talked to the AI about something, ordered Mensch with him and they went in.”

‘That would explain the sudden burst of energy from those guys in the windows.’ She thought. ‘What the hell is he doing we’re hear to be a distraction. Make it seem like we want in but not actually go in. God damn Korgan.’

She spoke into her comms again. “Everyone keep up you’re fire. But do not, I repeat, do not enter the building. The Commander should almost be at his target and back with us.” She could seem through some of the windows plenty of fire being exchanged inside the building now. He’d be lucky not to have the entire base after them now. She fired through the windows at those who seemed more concerned at a Korgan in the building than the sniper out the window.

Taking her eyes off the scope for a moment she tapped into her Omni tool a private line between her and Menar. She looked back to her scope and hit her helmet communicator to switch from her full feed to the private. “Menar the hell are you doing in there! The Commander said-”

“The Commander said to raise hell, make a big distraction and that’s what I’m doing.” Came the boisterous reply from Menar. “I thought it was a shame we only took down half of the East wing. Figured the rest should go with it. Mensch! Are those charges ready yet?….Mensch! Oh right.” The voice on the other end disappeared.

With a growl of frustration the Ops Chief continued to fire, she had begun to think about opening a new line to the Korgan when she noticed the Commander location was now on top of the target. She’d let him deal with the neutered lizard when he came back into comms.

A few minutes later she could not help but begin to wonder where her Commander was. The vitals on the target had dropped to zero moments ago, but the Commander had yet to turn his comms back on. But another flash of activity came over the main channel.

“Menar and Mensch are coming out!”

Susan’s scope moved back to the building, as it passed over the roof tops something seemed off in one of the towers. A star seemed cut in two and slightly disjointed. A cloak aiming down at her men. She aimed as her best possible guess as to where the target stood. Both rifles fired at the same time.

“Man down, man down!”


5 minutes ago……

Menar was having more fun than he has since joining the Commanders ship. Sure violence and battle were mostly a way for him to make money (which he also very much liked) but he was still krogan and the chaos of the battlefield was pure joy to him. What was not a joy however was the restriction he was put under, particularly because it was put on them so some fancy pants infiltration bastard has his fun inside the highly secure building.

That being said he was still enjoying the hell out of it all, he took cover closer the wall of gun fire coming from the building than any of his other crew. He knew the reason, their squishy bodies unable to take as much as himself. Still he was frustrated, like leading a bunch of pyjaks. Still they were tough enough for him to respect, particularly when the one call Mensch came up to the same cover as him. Maybe a bit of the drell had rubbed off on the private.

Whatever the reason the rocks and gunfire seemed to come down even harder on their position, though much it died a vapor trail from a sniper crashed into the 2nd floor windows. The Commander’s pet, no doubt. He’d seen the cannon she carried for such a small individual, he thought only korgan females were that deceptively strong. With the guns in the second floor and roof much more sporadic than before it was easier to move even closer to the main doors.

He reached a large piece of metal which he was sure had once belong to the outer wall and looked over for a moment. He was so close, he was sure he could make it in there. “We hold hear you pyjaks. I want everything and everyone in front of us full of hole or blown to bits!” During the time the two sides exchanged gunfire Menar began to grow bored again and looked over his Omni tool at what remained of the facility. A room with dozen of pipes entering it caught his attention.

“Hey Philly.” The korgan spoke into his comm.

“My name is Phillis Lieutenant Menar.” Spoke the female voice of the Novum.

“Nuance.” Replied Menar in no mood to be corrected by an AI. “What is this room about?” He asked as he sent what he had on his Omni tool to her.

“Judging by the equipment and power levels coming from the room I would say it is most likely the room which house the eastern side of the compounds life support systems. Oxygen recyclers, fuse boxes and several servers seem to be housed there.”

“So you’re telling me if we make a big boom in there, then we’ll create some real chaos?”

“Yes Menar.”


“Sir! Over here!” Shouted Mensch as he waved over to the krogan.

“Well get over here brainless.”

Mensch looked over the cover at the gunfire being exchanged, some of it right in his path to Menar. He gave a sigh of exasperation and ran. He couldn’t be sure just how many shots he did take but it was enough to drop his shield before diving for cover.


Mensch stayed on the ground catching his breath and letting the shield recharge.

“Welp when you’re done, we’re going in.”

“Going in? I thought the commander wanted us to stay out here.”

“He also wanted us to be a distraction and I got a hell of one planned. And don’t question orders again. Just because you’re a scared little pyjak doesn’t mean I need to hear you whine about it.”

“I’m not useless.” He voice was strong, and it even took Menar aback to hear the Marine talk like that to him. He could not help but smile at the quad this kid had.

“Well then prove it. If you want you could even stay directly behind me. I’ll take most of the fire.”

Mensch looked at him for a moment, perhaps deciding if to go along or not. Then he nodded and got up.

“Well then lets go!” Shouted the Krogan as he ran from cover. He got about half way to the entrance before the second floor came alive with fire again. The thought of a Korgan indoors no doubt over riding their fear of the Ops Chief cannon.

Menar took several hits, easy enough to shrug off before throwing his huge frame through the door. There stood a line of Alliance who hesitated at the site. Their mistake. Menar let out a cry as he ran toward the line his shotgun tearing through shield, armor, and flesh in the smaller, closer space.

It was short and bloody work with Menar keeping all eyes on him and Mensch using a little what he learned from Noah to keep from getting attention and picking others off. They moved quickly to the room and Mensch quickly get out to work with charges. Menar stayed just inside the door to pick off the growing number of men trying to make it into the room.

After his little chat with the Ops Chief Menar looked back at the young sapper this time hitting the right channel on his helmet. “Mensch! How much long you going to be, you’re green battle master would have been done by now. What has she been teaching you.”

“She’s been teaching me how not to blow us up too with god damn bullet flying over my head.”

“Hmmm fair enough. Though what’s this with us squishy.” Menar chuckled as he looked back at the door, and then his shotgun. “Need a time though, I’m running low on sinks.”

Mensch looked back at his work, “Couple seconds actually.”
“Good, I’ll start clearing us a path.” Menar walked back to the door and fired a couple rounds down the hall.

“All set.“ Mensch said as he came behind the Krogan.

“Ok maybe she was teaching you something after all.” Menar grumbled in an unsatisfied father sort of way. “Stay behind me.”


As Menar and Mensch make it out the door there a single shooter in the tower. A device called the tactical cloak was one of many things being devised in the compound which was on on fire. It rendered the user almost invisible, still new tech there is a slight glimmer effect if a scope passes over them quickly. But only a trained eye would notice the effect. The shooter took aim, secure in the fact they felt invisible but still hurried for the targets were moving fast and would be in cover soon.

They decided if one was a krogan, it would be prudent to go for the sure kill. Their rifle fired and it would be their last action before darkness took two lives in less than a second.


Menar stopped dead as he heard the voices on the comm, “Man down.” He turned to see Mensch down, face first, and unmoving. Bits of his hair could be seen from the parts of the helmet blown away. He stopped in his tracks and began to turn around. The defenders however seemed embolden by their first kill of the day. Menar felt an overwhelming barrage of bullets hit his hard krogan armor and there was a crack and he suddenly felt very mortal and made for cover.