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located in Rokiku Forest, a part of The Stray, one of the many universes on RPG.

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There are things in this world that are better left unknown…

It was like the start of a fairy tale that had turned nightmare. A little ways off from the boundaries of society rested a small forest. It wasn’t a particularly bad forest. The trees grew high, letting very little sunlight in, and wild animals roamed about freely. Crystal lakes were hidden within the confines of it, blocking it from most travelers’ eyes.

To most the forest would seem eerie and would be a place that people would stay away from. However to those living there, it was home. The trees gave them security as a house would for a human. From teh inside it was quite a gorgeous forest, like one that could only be found in a story. One inhabitant was unlike most others. Kataro was seemingly human if it weren’t for the black mounds of fur that peeked out from his tan-ish hair. He had cat ears and even a tail that would swing side to side as he walked.

These features were far from fake, embedded into him and part of him. It was because of that, that it made him someone to be feared. People called him a creature, a weirdo …a monster. To the town he was an abomination. As far back as he could recall, he had woken up under a bridge in the town. He couldn’t remember anything, just that he hated the water.

As he began walking around trying to ask for help he found he couldn’t remember how to speak all that would come out was “Nya!” This started people’s fear of him. Around him people would point and scream. His face appeared on pictures around the town, depicted in the most horrible of ways. Eventually he was cornered, when he was trying to get some fish. People threw sticks, rocks, old food, and trash at him. He could only stare in hurt and shock as the kind people treated him that way. He ended up running into the forest that day, where he had remained. To this day he didn’t understand why it was done, but when he did go near the town, he found it best to keep his ears and tail covered.

Kataro spent the time, wandering through the forest, and learning about everything in it. On the occasion that a traveler had come by he would catch their speech, but most people avoided the forest entirely, making him highly uneducated on how to talk. It was on a particularly normal day for him, after having taken a nap in a high tree and searching for something to eat that he came across something that was different to him.

A cabin in the woods.

Kataro tilted his head and stared with big blue eyes at the contraption. It was curious, curious for it to be there. He didn’t wonder if he was perhaps lost, he didn’t try to make any sense of it. He simply walked over to it, as any curious creature would. Once reaching it, he ran his hands over the glass of a window. It was unlike anything he had felt before. As he did this he noticed it slightly a jar, he hooked his hands through the opening and pulled it up.

The window opened and he gasped loudly. He tested the area, noticing the glass was gone and his hands disappeared into the opening. Finding this curious as well he leapt upon the sill and threw his entire body through it. He rolled and landed upright on all fours inside the cabin. His ears perked up as he looked around, his eyes wide with interest.