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located in New York, a part of Beauty From Pain, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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A smiling Charlotte just shrugged when Jace offered to walk with her. She wasn't really sure how to respond to the since no one has really offered to walk any where with her. On the way to the gym a few people whispered, pointed at Charlotte and snickered about something. Holding her books tighter she and Jace entered the gym soon enough. This was where she looked around, stopping and hesitating. Most people were already dressed out in their gym clothes, and were already working on the day's activities. One glance over at Jace and she lead him over to the bleachers where she put down her books then grabbed her gym clothes and went off to change without really even saying anything about it. After several minutes of changing she came back out of the girl's locker room with a pair of shorts and a tank top on. Her arms were crossed over her chest to hide the few scars that she had.

The period was filled with many activities such as crunches, jumping jacks, push up's and how to serve a volley ball. Each gender was sent into their separate locker rooms to change their clothes a few minutes before the bell rang. This was where Charlotte locked herself in the bathroom and changed quickly. It wasn't until the bell rang when she quickly got out of the locker room and got her books. Her eyes scanned the area for Jace, wondering what his next period may be. A sigh escaped her lips as she saw one of her old friend's starting to approach her. That was the same girl who took her spot as cheer captain as soon as Charlotte stopped cheering. Crap, She thought as she thought of a way out of talking to the girl. As if not noticing her old best friend she steered away from the girl and started walking towards the door that lead to the hallway. Hopefully Jace would meet up with her before she disappeared into the hall way.

((OOC: Sorry I skipped a lot, but you guys were already at third period and I didn't know what to do since it might get confusing if Jace and Charlotte were still in second period while Henry and Katherine were in third period.))