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located in Shreveport, Louisiana, a part of Finding Our Way Down Memory Lane, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Eric listened silently to Pam and Melody, knowing the words his progeny spoke to be true. Melody was perfectly enchanting, her scent like no other. It called to him constantly, to be near her to drink from her but most importantly to protect her. He could only imagine what any other vampire might have felt in her presence and it frightened him for a moment. They'd have to be a fool to go toe to toe with Eric, who while an amnesiac, was also one of the oldest known living vampires. His power was immense and it radiated through every part of his being. Perhaps if he'd had access to his memories, to who he use to be, it might have been enough to keep the one in his arms safe. As it were, Eric nodded slightly in agreement and gently lifted the petite brunette's head with his index finger. After trapping her gaze within his own icy blue stare he smiled warmly at the girl wrapped around him.

"No harm will come to you, I swear it. I would die first, Melody." He pledged, his much larger hand covering hers as if to place it over his non-beating heart. "But I think Pam is right. Maybe now isn't the time for me to make a reappearance as it were. Perhaps now we will focus on you." He replied kindly, instantly taking note of the response that the other vampire had elicited in his new companion. Her flushed cheeks warm and for an instant he wanted to lay his head in the crevice between her neck and shoulder. Eric wouldn't bite her, not yet, not unless she wanted him too. He merely wanted to bury himself in her scent, instead he admonished his underling for making Melody feel uncomfortable.

"We'll find you new clothes of your choosing, Melody. If your taste runs towards latex I'm sure there'll be no problem with that. As for this t-shirt..."He mused as he reached out to gently tug at the red cotton covering Melody. "I think you're right." With a swift glance at Ginger he tilted his head as if in deep thought and dismissed it soon after. Eric then gave his full attention to Pam, his eyes travelling from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. "Would you be so kind as to let our guest borrow a pair of pants." Eric asked with a grin that Pam had never seen before he'd lost his memory. It was a young and mischievous smile, one that told her he knew exactly what she was playing at.

"If the sight of her ass is merely appreciated here, I can only imagine what kind of disturbance it might cause out there." Eric finished, arching an eyebrow at the younger vampire. He knew he was a disappointment to her, everyday Pam searched his face for something...a glimpse of the Eric that made her. Of the vampire that had come to Shreveport and opened a thriving nightclub with her and everyday he could see the despair within his only child. Eric was unsure if he'd ever get his memory back, maybe it was better that way for them. He just hoped he wouldn't lose Pam in the process.

Pulling away from the warmth of the woman he'd become infatuated with Eric tossed on a plain black button up shirt and shrugged slightly to himself. Finding the small cache of credit cards and cash Pam had shown him a week ago he looked at them as if they were foreign objects before stuffing them into his pockets. He knew he'd need money, the viking wasn't completely helpless, he just wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do with it. Between him and Melody it'd be the blind leading the blind.

"Also if you could explain shopping to me, that would also be helpful. Or should I just take what I want?" Eric asked Pam, though now his eyes were once again upon Melody, his words benign yet his voice soft and warm.