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Snippet #2376444

located in The Mirror World, a part of Of Dreamers and Anima, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mirror World

Welcome to this void.


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Character Portrait: Roselle Peterson Character Portrait: Lucian Lassar Character Portrait: Ganien Bownler
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"I'll tell you what happens cub. You know the rules right. Anima can't fight anima. Dreamers can't fight Dreamers. That is, unless the Admin lets that be. Now I want you to think of this. If your on no ones side. Then who's on your side? Hehehhe." Killan explained. "No one. Hahaha. You will be hunted by the weakling trying to pose a threat to you and as you just saw when that rogue anima attacked you, your dreamer went down. Why? Not at his full power. Right now I believe both are sharing power until you pick a side. Can you even use an element yet. Hehehe. It'd surprise me if you could cub. Don't worry about us. We don't hunt those that are week and can't pick a side because of his attachment to his Dreamer and Anima. Picking the Dreamer side is the only way we will hunt you." The wolf smiled. "And eat you."
"So we done here or what. These guys are boring. They had to use a weak little gun to kill a weak little anima. If the anima was smart he would've stayed with his human. At least then a human tool wouldn't work on him. Whatever though. I don't care."
"Agreed cub. We have a battle to attend. Let's go." Ganien hopped on the wolf and stuck his hand out to Roselle offering a ride. "You ever rode a wolf before? Their preety fast."