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located in Netherworld Styx (Pandora III), a part of Netherworld Styx: The Realm of Beasts, one of the many universes on RPG.

Netherworld Styx (Pandora III)

You are looking at a map of the world. On the map, you see the central continent, as well as the outlying islands. And on the far right of the map the eastern continent of Rukia can be seen.


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Character Portrait: Young Lloyd Character Portrait: Elana Teris
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The young white-haired swordsman would toss a rock into the aqueduct, before noticing the young woman who had approached. "What's wrong with my choice of weapon? Greatswords are equally viable weapons for battle as any other sword." the boy replied, looking over to the woman who seemed to be dressed like a noble of some sort, while also carrying a smaller sword of her own in a scabbard by her side. "I'm a to become a knight. Apparently the first test his majesty wants me to complete on the path to knighthood is to get into the demon king's castle somehow, and slay the demon princess." the white-haired boy added. "I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a higher-ranking soldier accompanying me."

"Is it you? Are you the person the king is sending me to the demon kingdom with?" Lloyd asked, curiously. He wasn't sure they would be the best of partners if that were the case, since the woman had insulted his choice of weapon and was probably thinking of insulting his way of dressing as well, probably thinking he should put a shirt on.