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Snippet #2377126

located in The Mirror World, a part of Of Dreamers and Anima, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mirror World

Welcome to this void.


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Character Portrait: Roselle Peterson Character Portrait: Lucian Lassar Character Portrait: Ganien Bownler Character Portrait: Evelyn Harrison
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Evelyn's eyes reopened and she witnessed her dreamer drawing the dark tinted sword known as Artemis, despite the rules said for no fighting on the grounds of the two sides (unless on the battlefield, of course). The male dreamer always kept two swords by his side, even if he preferred to wield just one. The two weapons were based on ancient Greeks twin gods: Artemis and Apollo. The darker tinted one was Artemis, whom was heavier than the average sword and was intricately decorated with blue and black; The lighter sword which seemed as light as a feather was Apollo, often having great speed for striking yet dealt less damage than Artemis.

"Anima, Eve. They're around and active.." He said before raising an eyebrow. A gunshot rang out and there was silence. "One eliminated.." That didn't mean he could sheath his sword just yet, there were still many running about and he couldn't risk Eve getting hurt before the War began. He could even sense the Animas and how close they were, unfortunately, some apparently were in pairs or groups already. This worried him further now. Suddenly the sound of Apollo being unsheathed rang and Spencer turned to look at the thief, only to glare lightly at his misbehaving bearer.

"Come on, there may be dreamers needing help right now..." Evelyn walked along, hoping not to find dangers herself. Spencer bit the insides of his cheek, chasing after her as he scanned the area for Anima and Dreamers alike. It was then that he spotted one of the most unlikely of people. A moderator. He didn't have much to say about them, he respected them in the least. However, he still wanted moderators to pick their side soon or face consequences later.