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Snippet #2377317

located in The Mirror World, a part of Of Dreamers and Anima, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Mirror World

Welcome to this void.


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Character Portrait: Kazami Hiyama
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Kazami looked at Lancelot. "Let's stay undercover." he said. The black knight nodded and covered both of them in a dark smoke. Lancelot's hand never left the hilt of Arondight, his dragon slaying sword.

Meanwhile, Administrator sat somewhere, Michael and Azazel with him. He smirked. "Well aren't they quite bloodthirsty." he said. Azazel nodded. "Yeah, they seem ready for war." the Leader of the Fallen Angels said.

"What about you, Michael? What do you think?" Administrator asked. The Archangel slowly nodded. "We can't keep them waiting longer." he said. "Otherwise they'd start killing each other in here."

"Yeah, Admin." Azazel agreed. They saw a smirk make its way to Admin's lips. "Then shall we begin?" he asked. The two nodded, drawing their swords. "Attention all Bearers!" Admin announced. "The first phases of this war is beginning! For those that want to fight now, head to the Battlefield, and those that want to think of plans first, head to your respective bases! Let the Mirror World's War begin!" he said proudly for all to hear.

Upon hearing Admin's words, Kazami smirked. "It's about time, Lancelot." he said. The black knight nodded. "Shall we go to the Battlefield now?" the Dreamer asked.

"Yeah. We've thought things through, didn't we?" Kazami answered. Lancelot nodded once more, and teleported to the Battlefield, waiting for the others to appear.