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Rina had finally made it out of her front door, not even caring a single moment about how tardy she was. As she reaches the front door of the female dorm, Kurikara bumping against her back in a rhythmic motion before falling still, the demon-girl pulls out a box of chocolate pocky. In her eagerness to open the tiny cookie sticks, Rina had forgotten entirely about her familiar. That was until she heard the voice of Kuro, echoing rather annoyingly in her mind "Rina! You're going to be late again!"

Giving an exasperated sigh, Rina pauses her energetic attempts to open the packaging to cast an eye roll down at the demonic cat "Kuro.. I'll be fine! Its only 5 minutes.." came her mutter, trailing off as the bag popped open. With a small squeal of joy, she pops a stick into her mouth before pocketing the pack. Chewing thoughtfully on the cookie, Rina reaches forward to place her transportation key into the regular door's socket before twisting it. In a moment of trance, the demon girl had forgotten all about what she was previously doing as memories from her childhood flooded her mind, only to be snapped back to reality by the annoyed grunt from Kuro. "Come on, Rina.... we need to get going." Pulling the key from the lock, the girl sends her familiar yet another one of her famous eye rolls before yanking the door open "Yeah yeah.. you know me, I LOVE being on time" came her mutter, sarcasm dripping from each word.

She followed her familiar into the darkened hallway, wincing slightly at the rather booming sound of the door slamming. Rubbing one of her pointed ears, she mutters "I don't think I'll ever get use to that..." before walking down the hallway to her classroom, Kuro dutifully trailing at her side.