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Snippet #2377880

located in Valhalla, a part of Doom Wars, one of the many universes on RPG.


The heavily armed Oni class battleship. Specializes in destroying smaller warships using IELfire missiles. Also contains several different types of fighter squadrons.


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Character Portrait: Octavia Sinclaire Character Portrait: Ophelia Sinclaire
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The Captain's losing his shit up there!” Commented Rodriguez one of the Techies on board the Valhalla.

Who could blame him? Thought O as she and everyone in the Common Room rushed to the windows of the gigantic Space Battleship. Lucky for the guy whose butt she was kicking at the pool table who was about to lose a fortune to the seasoned hustler.

The ship had suddenly lurched and shook frantically like it had hit a massive meteorite or something. Panic had ensued for a few reckless moments.

“Holy shit!” Someone commented. "Actual fucking Aliens!"

"They actually exist!" Said another.

Peering out the glass into the dark Universe all watched on in awe. It wasn't clear from this distance but wherever they were, some shit was going down, down below. The waves of the explosions could be seen, heard and felt even from this great space.

At last! Thought Octavia excitedly. It had almost been a month now that she had been recruited into MO and had been on board the Valhalla and she had seen no action as of yet.

O needed the thrill of action, the adrenaline of the fight. As fun as chilling on the Warship had been, she had been itching to get out and test the limits of the limitless powers she had been granted now. Being a Melee Trooper meant she could do whatever the fuck she liked and had to only answer to one authority. Though, she had yet to meet her MO Team Mates, they were strangely mysterious and absent. She hadn't been introduced to any of them yet. What the heck was that all about?

“That's ISO 399.”

O turned to gaze at the intruding but familiar voice. It was almost like looking into a mirror, if it wasn't for the long blonde hair, the red framed glasses and the white lab coat doctor get up, it would be like peering at her double.

Sister.” O smiled critically. “What brings you down here? Looking to slum it with the rest of us commoners?”

Dr. Ophelia Sinclaire frowned at her twins comment.

“Do you always have to be on?” She questioned annoyed.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” O winked, smirking. “Though I have to admit I do hold a natural aptitude for it. So what's happening down there on ISO 339 Einstein?”

“It's ISO 399 and don't call me that!” Ophelia snapped pushing her glasses back up the bridge of her nose with a finger.


“And for your information there appears to be some sort of War commencing between the natural Reptilian inhabitants of ISO 399 and some unknown specie.” Lia explained.

“Sweet! So that means we'll be going down there to give them a hand and kick some Alien Ass!”

“Hell yes!” One of Marine boys exclaimed rambunctiously, high-fiveing O as he strolled passed.

O didn't trust any Alien Species, friendly or not. But she was always down for a good fight.

Ophelia shook her head despondently. She couldn't understand her sister. How could they be so different? How could Octavia be so reckless? So abandoned? So ready to take another's life?

“What?” O questioned her sister's hopeless look harshly.

“I don't get you Tavia? You have the ability to go beyond yourself, to make something of yourself. Use your brain. You're not dumb or stupid I know. In fact I know you're as knowledgeable as I am in Bio Technologies so why waste yourself and your life on . . . on nothing?!” Ophelia asked.

Octavia bit back the rebuke on the tip of her tongue. She knew the moment she saw Ophelia on board the Valhalla that she was going to be a pain in the ass. It was bad enough that her parents didn't get or even want to understand her life choices but her twin too?

“Yeah, well I'm a good Solider too. So if I did as you say I'd waste my super ass kicking abilities and you know I can't have that.” O replied instead, staring out the large thick glass panels down onto the war torn ISO 399.

“Do you ever take anything seriously?” Ophelia chastised her older twin.

“Nope.” O replied with grim humour but Ophelia had already walked away. "Not even myself."

Octavia Sinclaire was a Solider and she loved what she did. And she was damn well good at it! She wouldn't feel guilty about that. No matter who didn't like it. Frankly, she didn't give a shit.

Now all she had to do was wait for her orders and meet up with her new team. Whoever the heck they were . . .