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✍ Dorian Victor

There was very few people that Dorian knew that would turn him down. The girls he had already dated would count as one group, since they obviously knew his bad ways by now and, well, there was a reason they were his ex's. Though he supposed a few of them would even date him, should he be desperate enough to ever have to ask. Another would be the friends of some of the girls he has messed around with, since girls tended to do that. You know, get together and make a hate group or something, even though you know they're all sleeping with the supposedly hated guy on the side. Oh, girls. They were just about as bad as guys most of the time, if not worse.

And then there was Stephanie. For awhile he had liked her, or at least found her attractive. But she was always just a friend- it was weird and awkward. Not to mention she liked Travis- though Travis pretty much ignored her half the time. Still, it seemed she didn't really notice him much. When she actually took the proffered hand, he was a bit surprised. Either way, he helped her up before letting go, walking beside her and a bit behind Travis and Ollie. "I'm starting to get the feeling we're on an island," he spoke softly, only to Stephanie. "This doesn't look much like, uh, an actual place."

✍ Travis Tomasic

Travis almost-smiled again, following after Ollie as they made their way towards the trees. "Palm leaves sound perfect," he told him, eyes flicked back and forth from the boy beside him and the trees ahead. It wasn't too crowded, the foliage. Actually looked fairly cleared out, but more natural than anything. Luckily, that meant it wouldn't be hard to get through there and find things for shelter. But on the downside, it meant they weren't likely to find natural shelter because everything was too spaced apart. Still, he wanted to keep his promise to Ollie- if he saw anything remotely dangerous, he wouldn't let his friend get hurt. "Perhaps we should carve the letters in the sand first, and then fill the trenches with the leaves?" This would have been a good time to use the boy scout skills that he never actually acquired, since he used to skip boy scouts to hang out with the older kids and watch them smoke.

When Ollie mentioned sand castles, another low chuckle escaped his lips. Walking a bit closer, he dipped lower and gently wrapped an arm over his friend, leaning down enough that he could whisper in his ear. "I'll make sandcastles with you," his voice was low, making such a simple sentence sound oh-so much more enticing. Pulling away, he felt the corner of his lips tilt up in a smirk. "We can do it after we make the sign, if you want."